Member at Large Democrats Abroad Lyon

I am the proud daughter of Peruvian immigrants, raised in suburban Washington, D.C. I have an undergraduate degree in journalism from New York University and a master’s in clinical psychology from Columbia University, and I have now lived in France for five years. I work as a communications consultant for the Family, Women’s and Children’s Health cluster and Gender, Equity and Human Rights department at WHO. I was happy to learn about the creation of a chapter of Democrats Abroad in Lyon because I believe in the power of individual civic duty and collective organizing, even from abroad, in fighting for the principles we hold dear. I believe that income inequality is unacceptable and environmental justice is possible. I believe in the importance of speaking truth to power and celebrating diversity in all its forms. I believe that health care is a human right. And I believe that it is of utmost importance now to speak out against the normalization of bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, violence and all abuses of fundamental human rights.