After campaigning in Santa Barbara, CA for the Democrats in both 2008 and 2012, taking the oath of US citizenship in 2008 was not something I did lightly. I believe that with such great privilege comes responsibility - even duty  to protect the United States and other citizens. When Obama was elected in 2008, I felt safe and hopeful. Combined, I have lived in the US with my US born husband and fellow-dual citizen daughters for almost 2 decades; and, I am grateful that President Obama was Potus for eight of those years, and that Justin Trudeau in Prime Minister in Canada now that I am back in Toronto. 

I joined Democrats Abroad before the 2016 election because I wanted to participate in politics with like-minded US citizens. Now I am involved because I fear America's democracy and freedom are under attack and that it will take all concerned to limit and contain the threat. 

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Although born in Toronto, where I have lived since 2014, I lived in the US (Denver, CO., and Santa Barbara, CA) with my also-dual citizen family for almost 2 decades. I am an RN/PHN with a PhD in Cultural Mythology. Social justice and caring about and f
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