More coverage of the GPP in La Libre Belgique!…/la-primaire-democrate-passe-aussi-p…

And photos of all the action on our Facebook page - - you can still vote through tomorrow via remote ballot!

Coverage of our Global Presidential Primary...and there's still time to vote!

Wednesday's first day of voting was a great success - nearly fifty of you braved the nasty weather to cast a physical ballot, including many new members and students.  We had tvbrussel filming ( and an article today in La Libre Belgique ( !  There's still time to come by the Holiday Inn Schuman to vote on Saturday & Sunday (see the Events page for details).  And, of course, you can always vote via email through March 8th on 

Global Presidential Primary Live Voting in Brussels

Please vote in YOUR primary!

I'm sure you're all geared up to vote in the Presidential Primary, given what an exciting race it is turning out to be.  However, I'd like to ask you to strongly consider voting for your preferred presidential candidate via the Global Presidential Primary rather than in your state's primary (you can still vote for other local offices in your state's primary).  Why?  The over-riding reason is that your vote in the GPP can make more of a difference for the issues that matter to Americans living abroad.  Whether it's health care while abroad, FATCA, or citizenship issues, the DA delegates we send to this summer's convention are likely to be better informed and more concerned about these issues than those from our home states. 

We'll have live voting locations on March 2nd, 5th & 6th and you can also submit your GPP ballot via email, snail mail, or even fax by downloading your ballot via - spread the word!

DA Belgium Intro

Photo by Ricky Leong

Welcome to Democrats Abroad Belgium!

DAB is the official country committee for US Democrats living in Belgium. Watch this space for upcoming announcements of meetings and events - we have events planned throughout the year, and encourage anyone interested in participating to get in touch.

If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in Belgium please contact us.

Pauline Manos, Chair 
Democrats Abroad - Belgium