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Welcome to Democrats Abroad France!

Democrats Abroad France is the official country committee of U.S. Democrats living in France.   DAF is one of the original founding members of Democrats Abroad and is among its largest and most active members.   We offer a wide range of activities to our members, including voter registration assistance and education, monthly member Meet-Ups to discuss political issues and diverse topics, lectures, debates and panel discussions, film screenings, parties, guest speakers and special events throughout the year--and we have a lively Facebook page where we share all the great stuff we've got going on!

DAF has recently welcomed Governor Howard Dean, Senators Tim Kaine and Kirstin Gillibrand, Representatives Carolyn Maloney and Dina Titus, businesswoman Christie Hefner, and political journalist Richard Reeves, and thanks to the magic of the internet, we have had live video dialogues with Senators Al Franken, Corey Booker, and Elizabeth Warren.  

DAF is composed of 8 vibrant chapters in Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, the Riviera, Normandy, and the Rhone Alps, each with their own distinctive flavor and feel.  Whether it's Political Wine in Nice, a Speakeasy in Grenoble, a Stammtisch in Strasbourg or Bar Night in Bordeaux, there's something going on every month in our our chapters!  Our Womens' Caucus, Minority Caucus, and LGBT Caucus, our chapter of Young Democrats Abroad, and our Environmental and Energy Policy Interest Group likewise sponsor a variety of events throughout the year, ranging from public lectures to the Gay Pride Picnic.  There's plenty of opportunity to meet fellow Democrats and talk politics!

We are always excited to welcome new members and to help you vote from abroad, so whether you are new to France or having been living here for a while, please join with us to elect Democrats back home.  When Americans abroad vote, Democrats win, and when Democrats win, we all prosper.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer with DAF please contact us.   

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    To the ExPat community, FBAR and FATCA legislation matters.  Democrats Abroad has long been doing something about it.  We've been lobbying for the Safe Country (or Safe Harbor) Exemption for years--a change in the legislation's implementation that, while not perfect, could provide access to banking facilities to millions of overseas Americans who currently have little or no such access. The Republican National Committee (RNC) put FATCA repeal in its 2016 platform, but where does this stand today?  To learn more about the Democratic position,  Democrats Abroad FATCA/FBAR Task Force prepared an information paper and update on where the legislation stands.  Read about it HERE

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    New Executive Committee Elected for Democrats Abroad France

    On Saturday, March 11, members of Democrats Abroad France elected their new Executive Committee in a lively and spirited AGM at the American Church in Paris.  Soon to follow this election, our eight Chapters will be electing their own chairs, and caucuses will do the same.  We welcome the newly elected DAF Executive Committee members, new faces, young people and some old, a diverse group hailing from different parts of France. DAF has never had as many candidates for an election!  We hope that those new folks who presented their names for election but did not win will continue to play a vital role in our country committee, and we look forward to including them in our work.  Here are their names and positions of those who were elected.  

    Chair:  Joe Smallhoover

    3 Vice Chairs: Louise Meyers, Salli Swartz, Jonathon Holler

    Secretary: Marjorie Bernstein-Szafir

    Treasurer:  Brooke Burns

    Counsel: Nicolas Budd

    7 Members-at-Large:  

    Vivienne Beller
    Allison Colobert
    Tilly Gaillard
    L. Reed Kenedy
    Anna Marie Mattson
    Amy Sulkis Below
    Claudia Varney
    Welcome All, and now onward to electing Democrats in 2017 and 2018!
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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 03:00 PM · 8 rsvps
    Les Marquises in Paris, France


    Come join the Youth Caucus for drinks, political discussion and electing the next generation of local Democratic leaders for the DAF Youth Caucus !

    Want to vote but can't attend?  No problem!  You can download an absentee BALLOT HERE. Print it, fill it in, scan it, and send it to by NOON or April 29.  But it will be much more fun  to vote in person, at 3 PM on this Saturday April 29th at Les Marquises Bar.  Join us for a glass to toast the election winners!

    Below are the candidates' statements!


    I have been involved with Democrats Abroad for over ten years, organising phone banking for key elections and attending important events such as the Berlin 2016 Democrats Abroad Convention.  I have also organised events to bring the Youth Caucus together such as Halloween and Fourth of July parties.  I believe in building community to create an impact and it is all the more important when we live far away from the decision makers who are shaping our future.  As we have seen through fundraising numbers and through events like the convention in Berlin, France is one of the most influential Democrats Abroad chapters and I will work hard to be sure that we continue to play a large role in supporting the Democratic Party by empowering and bringing together the Youth Caucus.


    As a candidate running for co-chair/member-at-large of the Youth Caucus, I was always a big political activist. At age thirteen, I volunteered for Barack Obama's first presidential campaign in 2008, phonebanking and attending local volunteering events. I have been also very active in the 2016 election, phone banking both Americans in the US and Americans in Paris, helping out with their voting procedures. As a co-chair and/or member-at-large I will work with the other members to make every voice heard, to terminate the bleed of dismantling America and we will fight to retrieve our hope for 2018 and onwards. 


    I spent 6 months travelling and learned just how much of an influence the U.S. government has in the lives of people around the world. I already had strong convictions about the importance of good government policies before leaving home in Michigan, and now as I settle into a new life abroad, I'm eager to get involved and help make a difference in the powerful impacts of our government. Especially in light of the fear and hatred spread through the recent presidential campaign and President Trump's fast and furious actions, I find myself feeling compelled to help and capable of helping through involvement in Young Democrats Abroad. I come from a family environment of strongly conservative political beliefs -- the kind that encourage fear and individuality rather than collaboration and progress -- but as I experienced more of the world, I couldn't hold onto that limited kind of thinking. Because I have seen and been close to both sides of the political coin, I now have an even stronger motivation to help spread the valuable influence of forward-thinking policies and efforts of Democrats Abroad. 


    I first got in touch with Democrats Abroad in 2007 at the primary which led Barack Obama to the democratic ticket. Last year, I arrived in Paris to work as an IT and digital media consultant. I now regularly come DA events hoping to get more involved. Today, I am running for member-at-large of the Youth Caucus. More is at stake now for in the next two years than what we have had for the past eight. I would like to help, use my skills and experience in technology and social media to improve our position for the coming elections. Together we can expand our caucus, promote our ideas and let the vibrant American youth in France be heard in Washington. 


    I wish to represent, build and grow the Youth Caucus of Democrats Abroad France as a member-at-large. I am a very recently elected member-at-large of the Executive Committee of DA France. I am lifelong activist and Democrat. As a French-born American from California, I will bring a global perspective and energized approach to the Youth Caucus. I know from first-hand experience that political advocacy works, and that building and strengthening communities is crucial in constructing a powerful political force to be reckoned with. It is more important than ever to engage with younger voters and bring them- along with the issues that effect them- to the table, while also building a community abroad that continues to grow, resist, engage and thrive.


    I am a 23 y/o from New Mexico, who has been living abroad — in China, Japan, Austria, and now France — for the past four years. I have been studying in Paris for seven months, and have been a Democrats Abroad member for about as long. I have in this time developed a great fondness for our DA youth caucus as well as a desire to see it grow and change, to better suit the needs of its members. If I am elected youth caucus co-chair, I intend to work closely with current members to attract new participants and to brainstorm and implement new, interesting activities and events. I have worked in a similar capacity for growing social/political organizations as president of my university’s Hillel organization and as the current social secretary of the European Horizons student-led think tank at Sciences Po, and I intend to apply my varied experiences there to this position as well.


    I am currently a member and am committed to maintaining the current activities of the Youth Caucus, with hopes to expand the membership further and meet in a variety of circumstances - to come together to plan conferences, activities to counter Republican actions, but also for drinks every few weeks. I enjoy planning events, and am happy to take charge on that aspect within the Steering Committee.


    I am writing to submit my candidacy for Youth Caucus Co-Chair. Currently a 7-month Member-At-Large of the Youth Caucus, I have spent my time working to get young Americans in France more politically involved and connected within a political platform. As a 23 year old French-American from Los Angeles currently residing in Paris, I am in the position to increase youth engagement and to connect a wide-reaching network of exciting people. As Co-Chair, I will continue the previous Co-Chairs' efforts to increase membership, plan exciting events and to give a louder, more informed voice to the youth vote. In the current political climate, the Youth Caucus will be that ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.


    As someone who holds dual nationality: UK and USA, who was born in Italy and spent her childhood and adolescence between Pennsylvania, Co. Cork, Ireland and Italy, I recognize the importance of creating and maintaining stable international relationships as well remaining active in the political community, even after having left the country.  During Obama’s first bid for office, at age 15, I actively canvassed with my mother in Pike County, a very red county!  I have been a Member at Large with the Youth Caucus here in Paris for the past year, who helped with the running of the Election Night Party.  I hope to help organize more activities aimed at encouraging young expats to be involved in politics happening back home, as well as increase our online presence.  


    As a young French-American student, I have become involved with the Socialist Party here in France by campaigning for Benoît Hamon in the 2017 Presidential Election. Before this, I had the opportunity to do an internship in the French National Assembly during my final year of junior high. I have always wanted to become involved in American politics, thus contributing to the Democratic Party as an active member. I think we can work together on improving the image of the party to convince people that we are working in their interest. I believe that the US elections in 2016 were lost because we failed to address the concerns of the working class people who voted for Obama twice, and so they chose Trump over Clinton. I think we need to convince more and more people that we are the party of the working class and that the concerns of the poor and the middle class should be our priority.

    If I am selected I will work with the same passion that I use to fuel every responsibility I undertake.


    I would like to present my nomination for co-chair of the DAF youth caucus. My aim is to bring a more diverse setting to promote political engagement with the USAian youth in France. We would focus on a wider spectrum of youth concerns. In addition, we would collaborate with other DAF caucuses through fascinating events to align the needs and representation of a diverse group of youth. I would welcome the challenging role of a co-chair with earnestness and diligence.   

    Wednesday, May 03, 2017 at 06:30 PM · 10 rsvps
    Hôtel Villa Rivoli in Nice, France

    Political Wine in May

    This social event is open to all our members and guests.  We welcome you all to come and interact with fellow Americans in the region and engage in American political discussions.  We will give a brief presentation particularly where these issues stand in the Washington political discourse.  Join us at our new location, Hôtel Villa Rivoli, to formalize our viewpoint as Americans living abroad.

    Parking: Palais de la Méditerranée or Palais Masséna

    Public Transport: several bus stops in walking distance: Rivoli-JoffreRivoliGambetta-Promenade

    There is no formal entry fee to participate except to support our host by ordering 1 drink minimum.  To help DAF - Riviera coordinate this event, we ask that you submit an RSVP below - even if you are a 'maybe'!