How to Vote Using the Back-Up Ballot


If you haven't received your official Special Election ballot from South Carolina yet, you should vote using a Back-up Ballot (also called the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot or "FWAB") right away!

  1. Go to this website and follow the prompts to Fill in the Back-up Ballot
  2. The Back-up Ballot should fill in the candidates for the Special Election automatically for you to choose. But if it does not, you can write in "Archie Parnell".
  3. Download the PDF Package containing your completed Back-up Ballot and Instructions.
  4. Print out the completed Back-up Ballot, then sign and date it and return it to South Carolina.
    • Return by Fax or Email: Please follow the Instructions to secure your completed Back-up Ballot for submission via email or fax. Your ballot must be RECEIVED in South Carolina by Tuesday June 20 at 7:00 pm (EDT).
    • Return by Mail: If you choose to return your Back-up Ballot via postal mail, you can download Envelope Templates for either "Standard US" or "C4 Europe". These templates will help you to follow the Instructions to secure your Back-up Ballot for mailing. Your ballot must be postmarked by Tuesday June 20 and RECEIVED in South Carolina by Thursday, June 22 at 5:00 pm (EDT).
  5. Contact your Local Election Official to verify they received your form to Register to Vote and/or Request an Absentee ballot. (You also can try to find out why you didn't receive your official Ballot, so you don't have the same problem next time).
    1. If they did not receive your request for a ballot, submit a new form right away:
      1. It's easy, just go to VoteFromAbroad.org   Follow the prompts, then print out and sign the completed form.
      2. You can return the completed form to Request an Absentee Ballot by fax or email, but it must be received in South Carolina by June 20 at 7:00 pm (EDT).

What if my state ballot arrives after I submit my Back-up Ballot?

If you receive your State ballot after submitting the Back-up Ballot, you should complete and return your State ballot as well. It's okay — only one ballot per person will be counted.

QUESTIONS? Email us at gotv@democratsabroad.org   We'll get back to you right away!