The official group of Democrats living in Canada-Montreal

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Montreal 4th of July Picnic

Democrats Abroad Montreal 4th of July Picnic 2015

Mont Royal Picnic Area 1-5 PM

July 4th is two days away! DA Montreal will be hosting a Bring-your-own-picnic on Mont Royal!

We will meet by the first parking lot next to the chalet by Beaver Lake.

Join us for good food, music, company, and entertainment. All friends and family are welcome!

Montreal's Nov. 6 election night celebration


More than 275 people came out to two locations in Montreal to celebrate democracy, the re-election of Barack Obama, the election of Senator Elizabeth Warren, the election of New Hampshire Governor Hassan and other Democratic victories.  Above is the party at Karina's Club Lounge, attended by a lot of high spirited Democrats including some, such as Suzan B. who returned the same day from campaigning for two weeks in New Hampshire, New York and Florida, and McGill students, including a group that traveled to New Hampshire to campaign in the final weekend push.

Readings on Technology and Democracy

Group resource: 

New technology has transformed communications, reorganized productivity and gone global.  Yet, one of the last bastians of pre-technological life has been the democratic process. 

Change is coming. Your can request a ballot by email.  Follow your party, legislation, and the news online.  What will be next?

Reading material on technology and democracy will be posted below.  Comments welcome.


Group description: 

The official group of Democrats living in Canada-Montreal

Group description

The official group of Democrats living in Canada-Montreal

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