Annette Young and new Women's Caucus developments

Hello Friends,

For those of you who attended our exceptionally wonderful meeting last night with Annette Young (many many thanks to her for appearing and sharing her own experience as a journalist and part of the “51%”), you heard about the exciting projects ahead for the Women’s Caucus: France’s Women’s Caucus has been the model for setting up Democrats Abroad Global Women’s Caucus, organized by Germany’s Christine Moritz with the participation of myself (Sheila), Connie Borde and Salli Swartz. This will enable us to engage in projects at a higher political level and have a more effective voice within the Democratic Party. We will keep you posted on the development and the projects.

But we can already talk to you about a project already completed, the creation of a Women’s Caucus calendar for 2016, a beautiful tribute to 12 women, one for each month. You can order one (or more) on line, it makes a great gift too. Last night we sold them all out in a flash.

Here is the link for ordering more: https://secure.democratsabroad...

The second and more long-term project: we are revisiting the Equal Rights Amendment of 1972, an amendment that disappointingly lost in Congress by 3 votes back then.

There has recently been a renewal of interest in reviving that Amendment, and it can be done! A new book has come out on the subject: Equal Means Equal: Why the Time for an Equal Rights Amendment is Now by Jessica Neuwirth. This book was delivered to all our representatives in Congress and Senate by Meryl Street with a letter saying how important it is to garner political will to pass the ERA ASAP, and asking the question, “Can you spare the time for your daughters and granddaughters?” Why not begin by doing a little homework over the next few months and learning more about the history of the ERA and why it failed?

You can find it on Amazon:

There is today a new ERA introduced by Representative Carolyn Maloney in 2013 (H.J. Res. 56). This is an idea whose time has come. Let us seize it together!

Sheila Malovany-Chevallier, Chair Women's Caucus, DAF

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