EMEA 2012 Regional Meeting in Strasbourg

Welcome to the official group of Democrats living in EMEA - Europe, Middle East and Africa. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about DA in your country.





Merrill Oates - Regional Vice Chair - rvc-emea@democratsabroad.org

Julia Bryan - Deputy RVC - rvc-emea2@democratsabroad.org



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Annual General Meeting and National Officer Elections


DiscussonsOn April 18, 2015 DA Italy held its Annual General Meeting in Bologna. Many thanks to the organizers!



The following officers were elected following voting in person and online:

Chair: Tony Quattrone (Naples)
Vice-Chair: Gail Ann Fagen (Cagliari)
Treasurer: Fabiana Simone (Milan)
Legal Counsel: Christine Marciasini (Lazio) - nominated at the meeting
Acting Secretary: Gail Ann Fagen (appointed at meeting)

EMEA Meeting and Election Minutes, 2013

During the recent Democrats Abroad International Meeting, held the weekend of April 19th through 21st, in London, UK, EMEA leaders met for a general meeting. During the meeting we elected a new RVC for the region, Merrill Oates, bid outgoing RVC, Shari Temple, a resounding thank you, and officially selected our next regional meeting location in Kiev, Ukraine. Details from the meeting are in the attached minutes.

REMINDER: DEADLINES for April 18 - 21, 2013 DPCA Global Meeting in London

Dear DPCA Leadership, 

The countdown continues as we quickly approach the April 18 – 21, 2013 Democrats Abroad Global Meeting in London!

This email is intended to provide you with a comprehensive update on the DPCA Global Meeting.  The following information is being shared with you to support your preparation:

DA Norway board elections and the Annual General Meeting - revised dates

Please note revised dates for the DAN board elections and the Annual General Meeting:

•             March 8th – Deadline for nominations

•             March 20th – Ballots and voting instructions sent to members

•             April 5th – Ballots must have been received by election committee

•             April 8th – Annual General Meeting - final tally of ballots and announcement of new board

Is changing the tax code based on residency instead of citizenship seriously on the agenda for Democrats in 2013 and beyond?




With the Presidential election behind us, I was wondering if the Democratic Party has taken a position on whether reforming the tax code so that citizens are taxed based on residency instead of citizenship is on the table?

I think many democrats living abroad really bristle at the thought of having to pay taxes in the US when they are permanently aborad. Even though there are credits and offsets granted, for some of us that still leaves open the possibility that we have to pay some form of taxes).

Diane Ravitch on Democrats Abroad Platform Education Plank 2012

New post on Diane Ravitch’s blog

The Best Democratic Platform for Education: Written Abroad
by dianerav
Democrats living abroad have drafted their own platform for the Presidential campaign. Of particular interest to readers of this blog is the section on education.

How wonderful it would be if this statement of principles about education was embedded in the main Democratic platform!


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