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Democrats Abroad France is one of 75 active country committees around the world connecting Americans with US politics — registering, informing, motivating voters, supporting candidates, holding events and raising funds. It's open to any American citizen of voting age who supports the principles of the Democratic Party. No oath of loyalty, fees or dues, or past voting record is required to become a member. Democrats Abroad is a full state committee of the Democratic Party casting votes to help determine Democratic candidates.

COP 21 Panel at American University of Paris

On November 9, Dems Abroad France held a panel discussion about the climate change conference (COP21) to be held in Paris November 30 – December 11, 2015. The audience greatly appreciated the marathon tour de force of the panel experts on subjects that ranged from climate projections, the ocean, renewable energy, agriculture diet, entrepreneurial activity, consumers, and backstage at COP21.

Guns vs Abortion

On Oct. 3, Facebook user Brian Murtagh posted a quote that imagines what it would look like if a man trying to buy a gun had to jump through the same hoops as a woman who wants an abortion. While the author of the quote and its origins are unknown, the comparison it makes is incredibly timely. (click below to read more!)

Climate Change Series: Countdown to COP21

Our first in a series of discussions leading up to the UN Climate Change conference to be held in Paris in December was held tonight (Thursday, September 24). Cecile Ramstein addressed a packed room explaining the Behind the Scenes at the Climate Change Conference known as COP21

Céline Ramstein works at IDDRI (the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations) as the COP21 project manager. She has a Master's in International Affairs from Science Po and a Master's in Science and Technology from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie.

A Tribute to Barbara Tucker from Louise Meyers and Democrats Abroad France

On September 10, in a room filled to overflowing at the restaurant in the heart of Paris where Barbara hosted the monthly meeting of the group she created, The Political Forum, a place and a space for people in Paris of all stripes, to express their political opinions, often wise, often vociferous and always informed. Many of us came this time to share our memories of the woman we knew and were touched by in so many ways.

Wreath Laying Ceremony in the Tarn

Every year on Memorial Day, Democrats Abroad France lays wreaths at ceremonies around France to commemorate the fallen heroes of World War II. 

From the Tarn on VE Day, Meredith Wheeler of our Toulouse Chapter sends us this moving report from the daughter of one of the OSS operatives (Sue Feldman writing about her father Herbert Shapiro).  It was read aloud in French to the gathered audience.


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