DA Strasbourg Primary Voting Center Organizers - May 5, 2012
DA Strasbourg Primary Voting Center Organizers 

Welcome to the official group of democrats living in Eastern France.

The France-Strasbourg chapter was founded in 2004 and continues to grow, with members living or around Strasbourg as well as surrounding areas in Alsace, Lorraine and Franche-Comté/Territoire de Belfort.

Helping all Democrats in our region to register and vote in all federal elections (every two years!) is a major focus but we also organize events to raise awareness of the political issues at home and abroad and get together for a sociable drink from time to time. Your suggestions are welcome!

Our public meetings are open to the French and other locals. We also participate in cross-border get-togethers with DA members from other Upper Rhine Valley chapters in Germany and Switzerland. All of our events are announced via e-mail, on this web page or in the local press. 

Recently we had several speakers concerning issues of importance to us such as a meeting at the European Court of Human Rights and an event with specialists in ecology and climate change as well as one on the debate on healthcare. So join us to stay abreast of the affairs that matter to us all.

Contact:  Chair:  Viv Beller

France | StrasbourgDA Strasbourg Primary Voting Center Organizers - "Dem (a)Broads" on February 8, 2008

We have screened MANY documentaries, including The Corporation: Unprecedented (the 2000 election); The Big Buy - How Tom DeLay Stole Congress; Iraq for Sale...These always spark lively discussions.

We welcome speakers—- politicians, journalists, artists—- on current issues and are happy to offer hospitality, bed and board in the "Capital of Europe." Please contact Viv Beller at 03 88 50 29 32  or Rebecca Bowen at 03 88 84 86 39, or send us an email from this site. We look forward to hearing from you!

Photos from the Primary Voting Center at -

Gun Debate, February 8


The Conversation –Debate – arguments –

How bad is the problem?

What does the Constitution actually say about the “right to bear arms”

What can be accomplished – why – or why not ?

What is different now and

What can we expect in the coming months …

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