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Democrats Abroad France is one of 75 active country committees around the world connecting Americans with US politics — registering, informing, motivating voters, supporting candidates, holding events and raising funds. It's open to any American citizen of voting age who supports the principles of the Democratic Party. No oath of loyalty, fees or dues, or past voting record is required to become a member. Democrats Abroad is a full state committee of the Democratic Party casting votes to help determine Democratic candidates.

Re: Elections, local and national, next meetings (April, September)


Hello to everybody - RE  next meetings (April, September and maybe more)
Local (Bordeaux) elections
National elections - Democrats Abroad France

The Bordeaux Chapter of Democrats Abroad was founded in September 2007 - we must hold elections at the latest  in September 2009.
We must elect a Vice Chair (a  function we have not yet included in the Bordeaux Democrats' Executive Committee)

The New Administration and Overseas Voting


Dear Members of Democrats Abroad France

The message below comes from the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) with which your DAF Voting Registration Team has worked closely over the years. However, we have often been frustrated by the emphasis on the military, often overlooking the needs of American civilians and their families overseas. The new team in Washington has now addressed this issue and is in touch with the states regarding many problems that have made voting difficult for those of us abroad. We could not be more pleased that we and the military are now being seen as “one family” with the same problems!


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