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DAUK October 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to the October DAUK newsletter. With Election Day just over a month away, there's so much to read about and think about, we thought we would focus this month's newsletter on what you can do.

There are plenty of Election-related events, from Presidential Debate Watch screenings in London, Edinburgh and Cambridge to a conversation with Liberal Democrat leader Shirley Williams, plus many voter registration activities - phone-banking, canvassing, or registering Americans to vote in universities and workplaces, all over the UK.

Most importantly - if you haven't already done so, request your ballot (and remind your American friends and family to do the same). Go to www.votefromabroad.org today!


DAUK Events, October 2012
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October DAUK Events
Oct. 2-3: Cambridge chapter – voter registration at Freshers' Fair
Oct. 3: Speakeasy in London
Oct. 3-5: Oxford chapter – voter
registration at Oxford Freshers' Fair
Oct. 4:
DAUK First Presidential Debate Watch and Discussion in London and Edinburgh
Oct. 8: DAUK Speaker Series: A Conversation with Shirley Williams
Oct. 10: Speakeasy in Oxford

Oct. 13:
DAUK Vice Presidential Debate Watch and Discussion, London
Oct. 17:
DAUK Second Presidential Debate Watch and Discussion in London and Cambridge
Oct. 18: Young Professionals Network Night (New Venue!)
Oct. 23:
DAUK Second Presidential Debate Watch and Discussion in London and Cambridge

Special Democrats Abroad Event

Oct. 4: Fundraising conference call with Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren

Future Events: Mark Your Calendar!

Nov. 1: DAUK Speaker Series – A talk with Robert Worcester, founder of the MORI poll
Nov. 6: Election Day! (Election Watch Events to be announced)


Get Out the Vote: Phone banking, canvassing and more



Community Organiser Wanted - 2 Month Contract


We need you! Are you ready to sign up?  

In the run up to the crucial Presidential and Congressional elections this November, Democrats Abroad has an urgent need for a well organised, motivated community organiser to take charge of grassroots campaign work here in the UK. The position will report directly to the Chair and Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad UK, and will be engaged on a short-term contract until the week of the election.

-Serve as the main point of contact for campaign enquiries and activities in the UK, including: coordinating volunteers; providing support to voter registration; administrating campaign fundraising activity as needed; liaising with Chapter chairs outside of London and providing them with advice and assistance; providing clear reporting of voter registration, voter contact, phone bank, fundraising, and events outcomes and tracking them against targets.
-Take primary responsibility for operating a phone bank to contact all Democrats Abroad UK members who vote in targeted swing states, including managing and training phone bank volunteers.
-Support UK leadership group as needed in organising campaign events, including debate watch screenings, the September Comedy Night, Election Night gatherings and others as they arise.
-Work with the Democrats Abroad UK Press Officer to manage media enquiries reactively, and where needed to facilitate proactive campaign outreach. Note: The person in this position is NOT expected to speak to the media directly on the record.
-Respond promptly and helpfully to inbound phone calls and emails relating to the campaign.

The ideal candidate will be:
-A well organised self-starter able to work without close supervision.
-Proficient with routine workplace computer software (e.g., MS Word and Excel) and online collaboration tools (e.g., Google Docs)
-Familiar with remote working practices
-Familiar with the US election process, and some experience of grassroots campaigning in a political context
-Experienced with and knowledgeable about Democrats Abroad as an organisation, including an understanding of our role in the global organisation, the UK structure and infrastructure, so that we can hit the ground running with immediate campaign activity.
-Available immediately full-time to work in Central London
-Able to work in a Central London campaign office, weekdays and weekends.
-A member in good standing of Democrats Abroad
-Fired Up and Ready to WIN this Election!

Stipend: A financial stipend is payable. 

Contract Hours: The successful candidate will be expected to attend and supervise a Central London office on weekday afternoons and evenings, and to assist with campaign activities on weekends.

Are you ready to accept this challenge? Don't Wait! Tell us why you'd be great in this job.

Contact Karin Robinson at:

Contact Rob Carolina at:

DAUK July 2012 Newsletter

July 2012 Highlights: Independence Day events in Cambridge, Oxford and Yorkshire-Humber; LGBT inaugural event in London; Democrats Abroad road trip arrives in London 


Letter from the Chair

DAUK events in this Newsletter

July 4: Speakeasy in London; Independence Day BBQ in Cambridge

July 5: LGBT inaugural event, London

July 8: Oxford chapter Independence Day celebrations

DAUK June 2012 Newsletter


June 2012 Highlights: Independence Day Picnic Volunteers and Tickets, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney in London, LGBT in DAUK


Letter from the Chair: The Donald Weighs In

Events in this Newsletter

June 6: Speakeasies in Cambridge and Oxford

June 16: Representative Carolyn Maloney in London

June 21: YPN Meet Up

June 26: Independence Day Picnic Volunteer Meeting

July 1: Independence Day Picnic, London

July 14: Democrats Abroad Bus Tour 2012—Stop in London

Future Events: Mark your calendar!

Sep. 3-6: Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, NC

Nov. 6: Election Day!

Calls to Action…


- Voter Registration

- Yorkshire-Humber

Letter From the Chair: The Donald Weighs In

On May 29, Mitt Romney clinched the Republican nomination and promptly got down to some serious work by palling around with Donald Trump. Trump indicated that he would consider a Cabinet post if offered. Since Romney disagrees with many of Trump's views, why is he entertaining The Donald's delusions? Romney said, " I need to get 50.1 percent or more, and I'm appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people." Naked ambition and expediency go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Congressional Republicans won't act to create jobs or help the unemployed. President Obama and Democrats have repeatedly offered jobs bills that Republicans have blocked. And the Republican budget—filled with massive cuts to essential programs for middle-class Americans—remains on the table.

Clearly, we have an important battle in front of us this November, one for the survival of middle-class America as we know it. And we need your help to do it.

Let's tell this Republican Congress: you're fired!

How you can help now:

--Register to vote and request your ballot for the general election. Go to: www.votefromabroad.org

--Help register other Americans, or hold a voter registration event. See details below of voter registration training, or contact: daukvote@democratsabroad.org.uk

--Come out to some DAUK events and meet your fellow Democrats Abroad

--LGBT? Please read about our new DAUK LGBT Constituency Coordinator, Bob Ravelli, in the news below

--Help organize a DAUK event. Contact me at: chair@democratsabroad.org.uk

We hope to see you soon!

Rob Carolina

Chair, Democrats Abroad UK

June 6: Speakeasies

Our regularly scheduled speakeasies take place early evening on the first Wednesday of the month in Cambridge London and Oxford. This is a chance to meet like-minded Americans, have a drink, talk politics, or just make new friends.

Speakeasy details are available here:


June 16: DAUK Welcomes US Representative Carolyn Maloney

DAUK members are invited to attend this very important discussion with Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney as she covers significant issues which affect expatriates, including voting, banking access, and taxation. Tickets for this DAUK event are priced for maximum participation (£15.00; £7.50 concession). We expect a strong response to this, so get your tickets soon.

Time and place: Saturday June 16, 6.00pm, London

Event details are available here:


Ready to buy your ticket? It's available at EventBrite here:


A second opportunity to meet Representative Maloney . . .

Friends of Congresswoman Maloney are holding a cocktail party fundraiser and dinner fundraiser in London after this event for the benefit of her campaign. For more information about these separate fundraising events please contact Cindy Darrison at: cdarrison@darrisonbarrett.com

June 21: Young Professionals Network Meet-up

The Young Professionals Network (YPN) hosts a lively get-together every third Thursday of the month. Join us to meet fellow Americans, enjoy a drink or two, and find out how you can help elect Democrats and get involved with DAUK.

When and Where: June 21 at 7.00pm, The Marylebone, 93 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 4RE

Event details available here:


June 26: Volunteer for the American Independence Day Picnic

Come and meet your fellow volunteers, find out how the day is going to run, and sign up to help us decorate the park, greet guests, and make the biggest fundraising event of the year a success. If you have a car, we need help getting supplies to and from on the day.

When: 7 p.m. on Tuesday June 26th

Location: The Blue Posts (upstairs room), 6 Bennet Street, St James, London SW1A 1RP

Details here:


July 1: Celebrate American Independence Day in the heart of London

Get into the Fourth of July spirit at this annual Sunday DAUK picnic event. There will be incredible music all day in a variety of styles, along with mouth-watering American and international food and drink on sale from a range of vendors.

Complete details are available here:


Tickets are available to purchase now at:


July 14: The Democrats Abroad Road Trip arrives in London

The Democrats Abroad Road Trip is a project to travel across Europe in June and July registering Americans living abroad to vote by absentee ballot in the November 2012 US elections. The Road Trip will conclude in London on July 14.

Details are here:


Calls to Action . . .


Bob Ravelli has been appointed to be the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Constituency Coordinator for DAUK. A former advisor to Mayor Ed Rendell in Philadelphia and active in LGBT politics there, he will be putting together an interest group within DAUK to raise awareness about issues that affect the community and provide a forum for discussion, activism, and community building amongst our LGBT UK members.

If you would like to be a member of this new group and get notices of events, please indicate your interest by sending your details to LGBT@democratsabroad.org.uk . We are planning a kick- off event around World Pride in July as well as events later in the year and welcome your suggestions.

In light of President Obama's statement supporting same sex marriage and his fight to repeal DOMA, but also the very disappointing setback with the passage of an anti-equality constitutional amendment in North Carolina, we realize that gay rights issues have never been more vital especially in this re-election campaign.

DAUK Voter Registration

There are nearly 300,000 US Voters living in the UK. We think a majority of them will vote Democratic this fall but only if they are registered. Join our team of organizers who are reaching out to the Expat community here in the UK ensuring that they request their absentee ballots and vote for President Obama and other Democrats this fall.

We go to universities, DAUK events, sporting events and social clubs to register US Voters. To find out more and to sign up for a training in June please fill out this form.

The Voter Registration team, Democrats Abroad, and the President, need your help this year to secure an essential second term.

Watch and share this short video which shows how important the overseas vote is.

DAUK Yorkshire-Humber

ThursdayApril 26 was an historic date for Yorkshire-Humber DAUK group. It was the day of our re-launch (complete with new name), Rob Carolina visiting, and enough rain to keep Leeds in tap water until election day.

The inaugural event included a discussion at the University of Leeds, in a room kindly set aside by Christine Harlen of Massachusetts, and a Lecturer in U.S. Politics. She provided insight into the Romney campaign and posed the terrifying question ofCould He Win? The answer was a resounding"no"from all of us. Rob Carolina also provided insight into Democratic local and national strategies.

We plan further events over the course of the summer and early fall. Ideas are welcome. A tentative date for a picnic is July 22 somewhere near Leeds. Please save the date and further information will follow.

DAUK eNews April 2012


April 2012 highlights: Fairness in America, YPN Turns 2!, "Baroque Obama" Concert, DAUK Chair in Leeds, "The Future We Want" Panel Discussion, DA Global Primary Election


Letter from the Chair: Rebuilding Fairness in America

Events in this Newsletter

April  4:    Speakeasies in Cambridge, Oxford and London

April 15:  Voter Registration Training, London

April 16:   DAUK Council Meeting


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