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    New Wiki Page and Resources for DA Sweden

    You'll find the most updated documents related to Democrats Abroad Sweden on our wiki page here:


    This currently includes bylaws and meeting minutes, and will continually be updated.

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    Stockholm After Work 09/13

    Tonight the Stockholm chapter of Democrats Abroad Sweden held an after work event at the Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm. If you missed it, here are dates for upcoming events at the same venue:
    - Sept. 24, voter registration, 2-5 PM
    - Sept. 28, after work mingle, 5-7 PM
    - Oct. 12 & 26, after work mingle, 5-7 PM
    - Election Watch Party, Nov. 8, time to be announced 

    A few snaps from the event:

     photo 01_zpszmf3celr.jpg    



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  • Democrats Abroad Sweden Welcomes Vice President Joe Biden to Sweden

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    Democrats Abroad Sweden officially welcomes Vice President Joe Biden on his visit to Sweden and thanks him for his service as a United States Senator from Delaware for 36 years and as our Vice President for the past 8 years. His foreign policy expertise and tireless advocacy for every day Americans, wherever they live, has left an exceptional legacy of progress that will stay with us for years to come.

    Vice President Biden understands that change is hard work and has stood by President Barack Obama every step of the way. The Vice President's achievements are many and include working to address gun violence, advancing LGBTQ rights, strengthening the middle class, passing and further improving the Violence Against Women Act, and providing an effective voice for the United States in the world.

    The Vice President's willingness to tackle pressing global issues on his trip to Sweden, Latvia, and Turkey, such as re-affirming America's commitment to our NATO allies, and finding solutions to the refugee crisis, demonstrates that he is not slowing down.

    Democrats Abroad is working hard to protect Vice President Biden's legacy of progress by helping turn out the overseas vote for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, as well as Democratic candidates across the United States at all levels of government.

    To register and request you ballot, visit our dedicated online tool at votefromabroad.org.

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    Democrats Abroad's country committees in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific need local volunteers. You can start helping today. Put yourself forward by clicking on the "Countries" tab above, find your country, and contact your leaders directly.

    If you live in a country without an active chapter you still have an opportunity to help - Democrats Abroad has over 20 caucuses, committees and task forces that address issues that affect all Americans and Americans living abroad as well as keep our organization running. Some you’ve probably heard of while others you may not.

    These groups provide a fun and challenging yet important opportunity for you to help us help you. Regardless of where you live there is a caucus, committee or task force that needs your talent and dedication. This is the time to join fellow Democrats and be a part of something that matters.

    Please login to find our open positions, if you'd like more details please write us at volunteer@democratsabroad.org:

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