Governor O'Malley and Robby Mook Visit Berlin

The Berlin Chapter of DA Germany had an exceptional treat this week. Both Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and former Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook were in town for an international conference, and agreed to attend a cocktail Q-and-A with local members. The Governor even played the guitar.

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DA Women Answer the Challenge

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day by reaffirming the basic human rights of women everywhere, many look to this year’s observances to be especially poignant in an increasingly hostile political environment.

The Trump administration has put the concerns of American women in the line of fire, with women’s reproductive choices, access to healthcare, paid family leave, equal pay, and protection from sexual harassment all vulnerable and especially threatening for minorities and women of color.

In the broadest sense, the new administration poses a threat to basic human rights. On a more nuanced scale, President Trump’s public comments have condoned a more permissible culture of misogyny.

As a result, many American women are answering back not just with just increased awareness of these threats, but also an outpouring of activism. The Women’s March defied expectations for turnout not just in the United States, but in countries around the world, from London to Toronto, to Mexico City to Paris that held sister marches contributing to an overall attendance in the millions. The activity kicked off a resistance movement that is galvanizing women to take up more engaged acts of political involvement.

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Breaking: Donald Trump Resubmits Discriminatory Travel Ban

This new travel ban is just a rehash of the first. As Tom Perez recently wrote,

"This ban, like the last one, is unconstitutional -- just ask the multiple federal courts that ruled against it the first time.

You would think that Trump might have taken a few minutes after that to read the Constitution. (I'd suggest starting with Article III for a refresher on the role of the judicial branch, and then move on to what the First Amendment says about freedom of religion.)”

As Democrats Abroad, we must fight against the Trump administration’s un-American actions and stand together with immigrants and our neighbors around the world.

Maybe Trump could learn a thing or two from this immigrant:


Letter from Washington - February 26

Tom Fina, Executive Director Emeritus

One month since taking office, the sociopath in the White House is probably more famous than any other living man in history. He has reached that level because of his symbiotic relation with the media, foreign and domestic. He lives for attention and approval. Cut that off, and he is dead. The media lives for readers and viewers. Today, Trump is the narcotic that gives the media a high when its advertising income is a downer. Neither can give up the other. Yet.

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Perez elected new DNC Chair, Ellison selected as Deputy Chair

Democrats Abroad Chair Katie Solon reports from Atlanta, where Tom Perez has just been elected the new chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and Keith Ellison appointed Deputy Chair.

“Today is Unity Saturday,” says Solon. “Because of our shared values, principles and purpose, we are going to leave Atlanta unified and ready to take this fight to the places we need to fight. As Tom Perez said, contrary to what the press has been reporting, during this meeting we have not focused on our divisions, but instead have focused on our issues.”

Perez is the first Hispanic elected to the Democratic Party Chair position. He served as the Labor Secretary under President Obama as well as Deputy Attorney General. His first action as Chair was to call for Ellison to be named as Deputy Chair. Ellison has served as a Congressman from Minnesota for the last 10 years.

Democrats Abroad is confident that the deep experience that Perez and Ellison bring to the DNC will take us in the needed new direction. Perez’s background in civil and voting rights, and worker advocacy, community organizations and organization management will be critical to the party, while Keith Ellison has demonstrated time and again that he knows how to win elections and speak effectively to Democratic voters.

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Watch the DNC in Action in Atlanta - Day 2

Watch the DNC in action in Atlanta on February 25. Click this post's title to view the video. #DAinATL

Our Democrats Abroad DNC Members prepare to vote in Atlanta. 


Watch the DNC in Action in Atlanta - Day 1

Watch the DNC in action in Atlanta on February 24. Click this post's title to view the streaming video. #DAinATL

(We were excited to hear our Chair, Katie Solon, speak in favor of Resolution 33, Resolution Empowering People-Powered Politics Over Corporate Interests at the DNC. She speaks at 1:19 in the video). 

DNC Members in Atlanta for DNC Election

The world is watching as the Democratic National Committee meets this week in Atlanta to elect new leadership and to determine how the party best moves forward under the Trump administration. Democrats Abroad has eight DNC members participating in the meeting, sending us updates from the meetings and keeping us informed through email, Facebook and Twitter reports (search for #DAinATL). 

The three-day meeting will last from Thursday, February 23 through Saturday, February 25, during which time its general sessions and elections will be livestreamed on Among those officer positions to be determined are Chair, Vice Chair At-Large, National Finance Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Vice Chair for Civic Engagement and Voter Participation.

"We have been awed by the diverse, deep and broad skill sets brought to the DNC officer positions by the candidates,” says Kathryn Solon, Democrats Abroad Chair. “No matter who wins these elections, we will have strong leadership as we work together for the sake of the Party and America."

Recognizing that US voters living overseas are playing an increasingly important role in elections at home, Democrats Abroad is prepared to do all it can to protect and expand overseas voting rights. This is especially important in light of current voter suppression efforts occurring across the U.S.

“Despite our losses in November and the imbalance in state legislatures and governor posts, I am more optimistic about the Party than I've ever been,” said Solon. “We have the ideas, values, principles, and leaders, and we are getting a sorely needed fresh wind.”  

Democrats Abroad DNC Members

Kathryn Solon, International Chair, ex officio member (Germany)
Arthur Schankler, International Vice Chair, ex officio member (Serbia)
Connie Borde, EMEA (France)
Ken Sherman, Americas (Canada)
John Eastwood, Asia Pacific (Taiwan)
Martha McDevitt-Pugh, Global (Netherlands) 
Orlando E. Vidal, Global (UAE)
Adrianne George, Global (Sweden)

DA rallies in Munich for Democratic Principles

Democrats Abroad in Munich, Germany came out on a cold and rainy night to send a message to Michael Pence during his visit to the Munich Security Conference this weekend.

On the evening of February 17th, DA members gathered around the Angel of Peace Monument in Munich to greet the US envoy as it made its way to restaurant  Käfer, where the annual Deutsche Amerikanisch Dinner is held for members of both Security Conference delegations.

The rally opened with the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance, and continued with chants and speeches. At least 100 strong came out in the stormy weather to stand up for what it means to be patriotic and to defend the values of the United States.

As one DAG Munich member said, “I feel less secure as an American abroad now than ever before because of our current administration. It's important that we send this message at a moment when international security policy is under discussion.” 


U.S. Special Elections in 2017

If you are a former resident from the states and voting districts listed below:

  • Go to and complete the form to request an absentee ballot.
  • Print, sign and send the form to your election office to receive a ballot for the election. Many states accept scanned forms by email or fax.

No elections in your jurisdiction? Take action by joining DA's phonebanking to support Democrats running in New Jersey and Virginia State Elections, and Florida's State Senate 40th District Special Election. These are the first phonebanking campaigns for the Fall elections—with more to come.
  → New volunteers: Follow the instructions to sign up for phonebanking.
  → Returning phonebankers: Review the updated list of Callhub Caller Do's and Don'ts and then go to to login into your CallHub account.


Florida — State Senate 40th District

State Special Election on September 26
Concerns voters in the Southwest Miami-Dade area.

AUG 28      Voter registration by mail
SEP 20 Ballot request by email, fax or mail received by 5pm
SEP 26 Voted ballot return by mail by 7pm


Utah — U.S. House, 3rd Congressional District

Special Election on November 7
Seat left vacant by the resignation of Jason Chaffetz (R) on June 30 — concerns voters in Carbon, Emery, Grand, San Juan, and Wasatch counties as well as portions of Salt Lake and Utah counties.

OCT 10
NOV  2
     Voter registration by email, fax or mail --OR--
Voter registration AND Vote using the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) by email, fax or mail
NOV  2 Ballot request by email, fax or mail
NOV  6 
NOV  7
Voted ballot return by mail (postmarked AND received by NOV 20) --OR--
Voted ballot return by email or fax by 8pm Utah local time

 *Please note: Utah's Online Ballot Marking Program is no longer in use. You must request a ballot from your Local Election Official.


New Jersey

State General Election on November 7
Incumbent Governor, Republican Chris Christie is term-limited and not eligible to run for re-election. Democrat Phil Murphy will challenge Christie's second, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadiagno.

OCT  8      Voter registration by mail (postmarked)
NOV  3 Ballot request by email or fax by 8pm
NOV  7 Voted ballot return by email, fax, and mail by 8pm
— when returned by fax or email, ballot must still be delivered by mail



State General Election on November 7
Incumbent Governor, Democrat Terry McAuliffe is term-limited and not eligible to run for re-election. Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam received the party's nomination for the November election.

OCT 16      Voter registration by email, fax or mail (postmarked)
OCT 31 Ballot request by email, fax or mail by 5pm
NOV  7 Voted ballot return by mail by 7pm


Alabama — U.S. Senate

Special Election on December 12
Seat vacated by the resignation of Jeff Sessions (R) when he was confirmed as Attorney General — concerns all Alabama voters.

NOV 27      Voter registration by mail (postmarked)
DEC  7 Ballot request by mail (postmarked)
DEC 12 Voted ballot return by mail (postmarked AND received by DEC 19, 12 noon CDT)