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Our regularly scheduled Speakeasies are a chance to meet like-minded Americans, have a drink, talk politics, or just make new friends. Speakeasies are informal and held throughout the country, usually once a month. Drop by and join us - and bring a friend!

When: First Wednesday of the month (except Jan, Aug) - October 2012 cancelled due to Fresher's Fair
Time: From 6:30pm
Location: The Castle Inn Pub, 38 Castle Street, CB3 0AJ
Email: camchair@democratsabroad.org.uk

When: Adhoc
Email: scotland@democratsabroad.org.uk

When: First Wednesday of the month
Time: From 7:00pm
Location: The Harrow, 22 Whitefriars Street, London, EC4Y 8JJ
Nearest tube: Temple, Chancery Lane, St Paul's
Email: vice-chair@democratsabroad.org.uk

When: First Wednesday of the month, except January and August
Time: From 7:00pm (new time as of December 2012!)
Location:  Royal Oak, 42-44 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT
Email: oxford@democratsabroad.org.uk

Speakeasy Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Speakeasy?
These are informal get togethers where Americans gather to talk politics, find out more about what Democrats Abroad are doing, register to vote and drink beer with nice people. Actually, you could also drink wine, spirits or (even) soft drinks if you prefer - but the nice people are a given.

Can I bring a friend?
Please do! All who share an interest in US politics are more than welcome, including our non-American friends and partners. But if you have an American friend who's been thinking about getting involved with Democrats Abroad, this would be a great start.

What do people talk about there?
Whatever is on your mind. Getting out the vote for this year's midterm elections (yes, Americans can vote in the Federal Midterm elections), the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, assessing the impact of healthcare reform or climate change! It's up to you.

Well yes, but what are they LIKE?
Well, we know of at least one successful marriage between two people who met at a Speakeasy, so clearly the opportunities are endless! If you've been thinking it would be great to get to know more of your fellow Democrats, why not stop by this month?

Where are they?
In pubs around the country - there's likely to be one near you...or maybe you want to start one? Contact Chair@democratsabroad.org.uk

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