About that USCIS call re I-130 processing changes

Keep those letters going in to Congress and to USCIS.  New versions posted here include cc addresses for the USCIS office of the Ombudsman and those of us attempting to track communications on the issue.

The idea of Stakeholder Calls is great, but this one does not provide a pretty picture of USCIS operations. The audio file of the USCIS call (posted in Group Resources) suggests that USCIS was not interested in input--just going through the motions.  The same talking points were repeated throughout the call, often without responding to the question posed by call participants.


The biggest take-home from the call is "No, USCIS is not considering the full process when it talks about time-lines.  Overseas petitions will be processed in the same time as domestic US petitions."  It was pointed out more than once by call particpants that USCIS processing time alone exceeds the total time from initial Consular filing of a petition to the provision of a visa under current rules.

Although the question of how much the Department of State (DOS) actually bills USCIS was posed, we end with no more information on this point than before.  We are told repeatedly that this is about efficiency--USCIS efficiency, not total efficiency for the government.  And certainly not about service to American citizens, referred to as "customers" on the call.

USCIS has extended the comment period re. EXCEPTIONS to the I-130 rule, which they intend to proceed with.  See http://content.govdelivery.com/bulletins/gd/USDHSCIS-e9cec (link doesn't like me).  The document which should come up will be posted in Group Resources shortly. 



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