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    My Tricare Stories - Details and Forms

    Before getting into the specifics of experiences some background information is necessary. As an overseas utilizer of Tricare I am required to process all claims and other correspondence through a Wisconsin based insurance company (WPS), of Madison Wisconsin. Addresses for their various services are provided in enclosures. The various items of background information are included in the following paragraphs. 

    Prior to my complete retirement from federal service, and while I was still a government employee, military retirees were authorized to utilize military medical facilities of their location on a standby basis. This was by a command decision at that time. I did utilize the military medical facilities during that time frame for eye cataract surgery, a colon examination, and a couple of other procedures I'm unable to recall. I did however, have to register with the local military medical facility to be eligible for these services. This availability may exist at other overseas military installations and I would suggest for those retirees living overseas near a military installation to check with that installation and find out if these services are available for them. To the best of my knowledge these services are still available in Korea. 

    On various occasions I have been notified by the folks at Tricare International SOS (SOS) that a primary insurer is required. For folks living in the US that would be MEDICARE. However, living overseas and being unable to utilize their MEDICARE benefits another insurer is needed. Below you will see an example of the forms that Tricare asks for to verify your primary insurer.

    Click on the sample to be taken to the actual form on the Tricare site.

    On other various occasions I have received from WPS and Tricare SOS, requests for clarification of various medical procedures and other items necessary to process a claim. Below you will see a  sample of their request to me and the paperwork I have submitted to fulfill this requirement.
    (To protect the privacy of the individuals involved, names and details have been anonymized.)

    I have also received various on how to file claims, and other necessary procedures that need to be followed. Click on the sample to be taken to the actual page on the Tricare site. 

    And lastly, I have received specific Tricare contact information, (mail addresses and phone numbers) a sample of which is also below.  Please CLICK on the picture to get the most updated information directly from Tricare.

     Now to get to the actual Tricare experiences. I file two types of claims using the same form - outpatient and inpatient. See below.

    One additional note is necessary. Upon visiting the Tricare representative at my closest military installation some time ago, I was informed that what is called a "Medical Receipt" should be included with all claims. If there are any military retirees or other Tricare veterans who have access to a military base, they should check to see if there is a Tricare representative located there. They will be located at the medical facility on the base and if you need assistance filing your claim, they can be very helpful. 

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    Enhancing the Presence of DA Overseas and Improving the GOTV Program by Gene Gerth, August 17th, 2019

    This article relates to ways used in the past by those of us in Democrats Abroad Korea to implement the above statements. The author of this article, however, is retired US Army, living in Korea, and many of the suggestions presented here require access to military-base facilities located overseas. Let me begin by stating that during my association with DA Korea, it has included times that we were a committee in formation, a fully recognized country committee, and a period of time when the committee seemed to be non-functional. I first became associated with DA in the early years of the Bush II Presidency. At that time DA Korea was in its formative stages. We did however, associate with Republicans Abroad Korea and conducted a few joint projects. The primary one was a joint sponsorship of a forum at a major Seoul Hotel with North Korean defector Kang Chol-Hwan, and author of the book “The Aquariums of Pyongyang”. The forum concerned human rights abuse in North Korea and was attended by several prominent Korean politicians and faculty members from various Korean Universities. However, this sort of cooperation would probably not be available today, due to the Trumpification of the Republican Party. When these events took place the Republican party folks in Korea primarily consisted of honest conservatives, who were interested in debating the issues in a sensible manner, rather than vilifying the opposition as enemies.

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