Physician Home Visits - France #DAresists #Medicare4all

I have spent a lot of time living in and visiting France and I have experienced the medical system there more than once. On two occasions, my spouse fell ill. All I needed to do was call the local municipal health office and a physician was dispatched to our apartment (four flights up, no elevator). The last time sticks out in my mind because my spouse had eaten a bad oyster and was in bed in pain. Between the time I called the municipal service, the doctor arrived in 20 minutes. The examination was completed, prescriptions given, I had gone to the local pharmacy to get the prescriptions filled, and brought the medications home, all within in hour of the call. The cost? Well, it was a holiday weekend evening, so the cost was higher than normal: $99. The patient never had to get out of bed. I'll take the French health care system any day over the expensive, patient-unfriendly system we have in the US. Medicare for All!