Membership Secretary

I currently reside in New Westminster, BC, but am from Charlotte, NC and am an active voter there. My involvement in politics began in 2006 when a Democratic candidate ran against the long-standing Republican representative in NC’s 9th congressional district. Though we lost, this grassroots campaign inspired me to participate more fully in the democratic process, and in 2008 I volunteered in Barack Obama’s Charlotte campaign office, registering hundreds of voters and helping to turn the state “blue” for the first time since 1976. After moving to Canada in 2013 I felt disconnected from political happenings at home, but became inspired by Bernie Sanders' progressive agenda in 2016, and volunteered for his campaign alongside other Americans living in BC. It was through this work that I first became aware of Democrats Abroad.

I believe that the Democratic Party is at a critical juncture and must pursue a progressive platform to address the most pressing issues of our time, including climate change, social justice and equity, access to healthcare, public education, and sustaining jobs. As a party we need to reach out across the US, particularly to rural communities and those hardest hit by neoliberal policies, to build understanding. In 2016 we saw a surge in young adults’ participation in the political process and the Democratic Party must capitalize on that enthusiasm to do this work. As one of those young adults, I am excited to now be part of the DACA board to engage Americans living in Canada in DA, and increase voter participation in the 2018 and 2020 elections. 

My professional background is in environmental science, where I worked on ecosystem restoration programs across the US. Upon moving to Canada I decided to pursue a new career path and am just finishing my nursing degree at UBC. My environmental career allowed me to develop strong organizational and documentation skills, along with data entry and management experience, which I will bring into the role of Membership Secretary. Now as an aspiring nurse I fully appreciate the importance of data confidentiality, and will use best practices to maintain the safety of DA members’ information. Through these two career paths I also bring knowledge and passion to two key areas of the Democratic Party platform: environmental protection and equitable access to healthcare.