4th of July Celebration at The Bird

It had been a tough few weeks for Democrats. Our worries about the situation on the U.S. borders culminated in an emotional protest before the U.S. Consulate the Saturday before. Next came the shock of the new vacancy on the Supreme Court leaving us fearful about stopping the relentless dismantling of the rights and values we all cherish. There was a great deal to talk about as some thirty five of us gathered at The Bird for a traditional hamburger and beer.

It was an animated and colorful group of old members, new members and even nonmembers, plus their families, and it included a proud new citizen who had just voted for the first time in an important Florida election. Thank you all for your commitment and enthusiasm, which gives us hope for the upcoming election campaign!

Photos by Chesney McKinley Severance; Text by Maryann Schmunk