DAG Caucuses in Hamburg

We are excited to see our chapter become ever more active, and that includes opportunities for our members to get involved in the DAG caucuses at their local level.  Here are the caucuses currently being represented within our chapter, and the people leading them:

- Young Dems / Youth Caucus:  Candice Newton has taken over as lead of our chapter's Young Dems (or Youth Caucus).  She is in the process of planning events for the months leading up to elections.

- Black Caucus:  Elaine Thomas and Love Newkirk will be leading Hamburg's Black Caucus.  The first meeting is scheduled for June 3rd, where plans for the near and longer term future will be discussed.

- LGBT Caucus:  Vinnie Cabrera will be leading Hamburg's LGBT Caucus.  He is currently focused on planning CSD events in Hamburg, and also helping the Germany LGBT Caucus with events in other regions.

- Women's Caucus:  Charlotte Milstein is based in Bremen, and will be leading the Women's Caucus at our chapter level from there.  She has been in contact with the DA and DAG Women's Caucus to plan and coordinate efforts going forward.

A huge thank you to everyone for taking on these roles.  And thank you to Phillip Reviere for running our Young Dems for the past two years.  If you have questions or want to get involved in any of these caucuses, please reach out to [email protected], and we will pass it on to the appropriate lead(s).