G20 Event in Stadtpark

On July 8th, while the G20 was underway at the city's Messehallen, DA Hamburg set up shop in Stadtpark to ask Americans, Germans, and citizens of the rest of the world what they have to say about social democracy and the topics being discussed at the summit.  The goal was to collect material for the blog https://www.facebook.com/stories.americansabroad/ , as well as G20-specific interviews to be put together in a special format.  We would like to thank everyone who stopped by and took part.  The city of Hamburg suffered a great deal of destruction and negative experiences over the G20 weekend, but this was a positive, creative one, the results of which will help in spreading the word about democratic values.

article by Marc Castagnera, pictures by Eric Shambroom & Chesney McKinley-Severance