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  • The Hit Musical "Hamilton" scores big at DA Madrid event

    BIG thank you to everyone who joined us Sunday May 22nd for our lyrical break down of Lin-Manuel Miranda's #‎HamiltonTheMusical! It was a great evening discussing Alexander #‎Hamilton's story and how he is one of our most influential founding fathers.

    Ryan Turner, Chapter President welcomed the group of about 35 people to this special event at Variospintos.  Ryan announced for those who hadn't been at a previous meeting that he and his family will be moving to Milan in June.  His wife has accepted an position with a large Italian insurance company with responsibilities for Spain, France and South America.  Ryan will soon be brushing up his Italian before finding himself a position, and the little guy gets to master his third language. Ryan said it would be his last meeting as President, and announced that the Vice President of DA Madrid, Sarah Graves will assume the chapter presidency. Ryan said he was sad to leave behind so many friends, but he made a point to say that it is not an "Adios." 

    Save the date for our Anniversary Party, Saturday June 11 where we will say "Hasta Luego" to the Turners.  We're looking for volunteers to help organize parts of the Party, food, entertainment, decoration and maybe a Silent Auction.  We're looking for talent as we repeat the very successful open mic once again. 

    Ryan introduced our summer interns, Andrea Parra and Stephen Read who will help us get ready for the coming election with a focus on building our social media outreach, phone bank coordination and coordinating events in June and July.  They have completed the Federal Voting Assistance training program and are Certified Voting Assistance Officers.  

    The idea of using the Broadway play, Hamilton as the focus of an event was the brainchild of of our Events Chair Nicole Pearson.  She's been wanting to get tickets for the play for months only to find out that it is sold out for two years.  We soon learned why as we enjoyed some of the rap lyrics as they told the story of the life of Hamilton and the founding fathers.  The dynamics of politics that we know today have solid roots. This format for telling history was amazing.  While we got only a taste of the staging we were able to enjoy some of the play that they performed at the White House.

    Nicole was joined by Michael Beeson who had an excellent grasp of the historical fact, providing great background to the story that we enjoyed.  As the story progressed and the first election was held following the two terms of President George Washington, we had the opportunity to enjoy another episode of Mikey's Corner.  

    Mike Presiado stepped up and provided the color of the messy process of electing the second president of the US.

    This was another in a series of wonderful events that DA Madrid has offered. Hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the next one soon to be announced in June. 

    To volunteer for the party please contact Jim Mercereau   [email protected] 

    And another big thank you to our host, Variopintos. Thank you for providing us with such a welcoming space and delicious food & drink!


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    Some Thoughts on Immigration

    By Leselle Hatcher

    A Democrats Abroad Spain member living Madrid.

    Born in the DMV [DC, MD, VA metropolitian] and bred in NYC, Leselle is a writer, musician and current ex-pat living in Madrid. You can follow her on twitter @LeselleM or on Instagram @lhatcher88

    I am an American. I was born on American soil. I grew up in the nation’s capital. English is my first language. Growing up, I watched TGIF, Sister, Sister, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I ate Lunchables and Little Debbie snacks (much to the protest of my mother), and recited the pledge of allegiance with as much disinterest as the next kid. I listened to N*SYNC and Sublime. I fell in love with Art Blakey and Sonny Rollins. I was leveled by Phife and De La Soul.

    Soy estadounidense. I am also the child of a Honduran immigrant. I spent summers in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I ate arroz con garbanzos and plátanos maduros. I spoke Spanish with my grandmother and my extended family. I watched Sábado Gigante and sang along to Selena; and every night, before I went to sleep, I’d pray with my grandmother in Spanish: “En el nombre del Padre y del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo…” And every morning before I left for school I would turn to her and and say: “Te quiero, Tita.” “Yo tambien te quiero, mi amor,” she’d reply, “mucho mucho te quiero.” That was my life. It was all I knew.

    A few days ago, at the Spain Democrats Abroad Annual General Meeting, I had the great pleasure of listening to Nevada Representative to Congress Dina Titus speak on the topic of immigration. As I listened to her share her perspective on one of the most consequential issues of our time—a perspective she shared with great eloquence and wit—I began to reminisce about my own upbringing and the profound impact immigration has had and continues to have on my life (even here in Spain, as I live out a different kind of immigrant experience). I thought back to all those mornings I had woken up to the music of Carlos Gardel as my mother began the protracted process of preparing Sunday dinner. I thought back to the afternoons I spent helping my grandmother press tortillas (with our hands of course), and the evenings I spent helping her clean frijoles for her black bean soup. I thought about the old black and white photos that hung on our walls: photos filled with people I had never met, people I would never know, from a time and place wholly foreign to me save for the memories and mementoes my mother and grandmother had brought with them to the United States.

    As I stood there listening to Congresswoman Titus speak, I found myself in awe of the myriad ways in which Honduras was in me despite the fact that I was not, nor had ever been, in it.

    That’s what it is to be the product of immigration. It is to be the product of intersections, cultural collisions and accretions. It is to be made of pieces, fragments and threads which, when pulled, tug at other nations. It is to be, in many ways, of somewhere other than here all while feeling yourself firmly anchored in a sense of home. I have been shaped by my Honduran immigrant upbringing as much as I have been shaped by my blackness, my gender and my education. Were it not for immigration, which is to say, were it not for the long-standing motif of human movement across the globe and the cultural, economic and social changes which inevitably result, I would not be who I am in the way that I am today—nor would the United States. To say that the Immigrant narrative is a crucial part of the broader American story, is to state the obvious, and quite reservedly at that. "We Need To Talk About Immigration" wrote Ryan Turner, a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree; because, as Randolph Bourne once wrote,“America shall be what the immigrant will have a hand in making it.”


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    Democrats Abroad Spain is a part of the larger community of hundreds of thousands of Democrats living abroad. 

    At Democrats Abroad Spain, our main goal is to find Americans who are resident and help them register to vote, or in most cases simply request an absentee ballot.  We are particularly engaged in even numbered years to elect Democratic candidates to Congress and the Presidency.  In odd numbered years if you live in a state or locality where there is special election, or where there are seats in state legislatures that we need to win, our Get Out The Vote team will reach out to you with a quick phone call, email or text with a reminder.

    Absentee ballots from Americans living abroad can often swing close elections and we want to help you cast those votes!

    Democrats Abroad Spain has played a part in the worldwide resistance to the insanity of the current administration.  Many of us have been moved to participate with the Women’s March, Climate Change, Immigrant Justice, Humans Rights, and Gun Control activists on the streets and squares of our cities. Our resistance also takes the form of calls, letters and emails back to our congressional representatives. 

    Beyond getting out the vote every two years, we have a lot in common.  We try to have monthly events filled with debate, laughter and fun. Those of us in the Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia chapters bring our families and friends as we meet regularly to share insights and concerns about issues ranging from climate change to race relations. We are endeavoring to make similar opportunities available in other part of Spain.

     We gather to watch Democratic debates and then have some of our own. And we keep you up-to-date on matters of particular interest to Americans residing outside of the U.S., on various topics including taxes and citizenship issues.

    All members receive email updates on events and issues of interest to Democrats around the world as well news of projects and activities in Spain. 

    Democrats Abroad Spain is entirely a volunteer organization.  We rely on the enthusiasm and talents of our membership. As we move into the election cycle we need your energy to help us get out the vote.  Don’t be shy, we can help you turn your anger at what’s happening in the U.S. into something positive as you convince other Americans to take the steps to get their absentee ballot.

    Thanks for being part of Democrats Abroad Spain in whatever form it takes.  In the end what we’re all about is helping you to exercise your right to vote.

    To stay on top of all the news, follow Democrats Abroad Spain on social media.


    If you have questions email us at [email protected].

    Interested in volunteering? Simply complete the Volunteer Interest Form and let us know how you'd like help.

  • DA Spain 2016 Annual General Meeting and Celebration in Madrid

    We are really excited to welcome all progressively minded folks to join us This Weekend to celebrate the success of the Global Presidential Primary and to look toward the future of Democrats Abroad Spain and the entire Democratic Party, talking about topics important to our cause and about how to Get Out The Vote this November at our Annual General Meeting!

    This year we're focusing on a HOT topic on the campaign trail and in world news as we all share in the humanitarian crisis of refugees. It's also a theme that speaks to the history of our great nation, and one that's special to each of us living abroad: Immigration as a Source of American Strength.

    Madrid Chapter President Ryan Turner dives into the need for this topic with his critical piece: “We need to have a talk about immigration...”  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-q5CVj4CEefaKxcI_NcYf5ye_8R-7EuHmMD5w3gW3Dg/edit?usp=sharing 

    Scroll down to see the play-by-play, but here are the highlights

    Friday April 8, 7:30pm: Democrats Abroad Potluck, with guest Stanley Grossman, a Democrats Abroad  DNC Member

    Saturday April 9, 10:00am: Democrats Abroad Spain Annual General Meeting, with a morning filled with discussions on the future of Democrats Abroad in Spain,  voter registration activities, and rich discussions lead by our Dems Abroad leaders on our immigration heritage and the legacy we’ll leave.

    Saturday April 9, 7:00pm: Meeting Wrap-up Party, featuring Nevada Congresswoman Dina Titus and some tapas!

    RSVP to [email protected] and spread the word by inviting your friends on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DemocratsAbroadSpain/events


    Friday April 8, 2016, 7:30pm to 10:00pm: Democrats Abroad Potluck

    To kick off the weekend of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Spain's Democrats Abroad, we're going to have a good old-fashioned "guateque" or Potluck! With this year’s immigration theme in mind, we welcome you to bring dishes that reflect your immigrant history, but anything delicious (and drinks) will due just fine! 

    We will meet, greet, and eat and then settle to share immigrant heritage stories and hear how Democrats Abroad has been working to lighten the impact of FATCA on Americans living abroad with our guest of honor Stanley Grossman, a representative to the DNC. 

    SPACE IS LIMITED so sign up soon! RSVP to [email protected] and tell us what yummy thing you're bringing! Then we'll reply with location details. 


    Democrats Abroad Spain Annual General Meeting

    Saturday April 9, 10:00am to 4:00pm: Casa Soria, Calle San Jerónimo, 5, 1º 

    10:00am: Doors open. Networking

    10:15am: Opening Remarks: "What Democrats Abroad is About"  Spain Chair Gil Carbajal

    10:20am: "The Candidates on Immigration Policy"    including: Donald Trump’s Solution: A Wall vs. John Oliver’s Acid Analysis 

    10:30am: "How Democrats Abroad Works Within the Democratic Party"

    DemsAbroad Representatives to DNC: John Eastwood (via teleconference from Taiwan), Stanley Grossman

    11:00am: “Getting into the U.S. legally: U.S Immigration Law”    Barcelona Vice Chair Babak Movahedi

    11:15am: “Mexican Americans as Part of the American Mosaic of Immigrant Communities”   Madrid Secretary Mike Presiado 

    11:45am-12:00pm: Coffee Break

    12:00pm: "Immigration in the Movies"   Clips from: 'Westside Story', 'America, America', 'El Norte', 'Namesake' and 'The Visitor'.

    12:10pm: Panel Discussion: “Immigrant Heritage Stories”   Gil Carbajal as Moderator

    Barcelona Chair Anuradha Ghemawat, Babak Movahedi, Mike Presiado, Gloria Gonzalez share their experience

    13:00pm: “How U.S. Hispanic Communities will enable the Democratic Party to Win the Elections in November”  Stanley Grossman

    13:40pm: Business Meeting

    President’s Report, Gil Carbajal; Treasurer’s Report, Matt Sankary; Madrid Chapter Report, Ryan Turner; Barcelona Chapter Report, Anuradha Ghemawat; Voter Registration and GOTV (get out the vote) strategies, Jim Mercereau 

    14:15pm: Lunch 


    Please RSVP [email protected] so we know how many for lunch. Casa de Soria is kind enough to let us use their premises so we encourage everyone who can to stay to enjoy the food at the Variopintos Restaurant (http://variopintos.com/) There will be various menu options including vegetarian, plus two drinks, for 15€.


    Saturday April 9, 7:00pm to 9:00pm: Meeting Wrap-up Party

    To finish off the fantastic weekend of our Democrats Abroad Spain Annual General Meeting, we have the honor of hosting Congresswoman Dina Titus (https://titus.house.gov/).  We're excited to have a celebration of Democrats everywhere with Representative Titus, some yummy tapas and cash bar!     Our host is DA member, Ryan Day of the Slow Mex Restaurante calle San Vincente Ferrer, 33 Madrid.  It is in  the neighborhood of Malasaña, Metro Tribunal.   

    Please email us at:  [email protected] to RSVP.

    All Democrats Abroad events are open to anyone interested in supporting the progressive values of the Democratic Party — that means you’re free to bring friends and family, just RSVP for them too!

    We can’t wait to see you there!

    The team at Democrats Abroad Spain


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    DA Madrid 2016 Global Climate March

    An enthusiastic DA Madrid contingent joins the Madrid Global Climate March

    On the eve of the UN Global Climate Conference held in Paris scores of groups marched together in Madrid on November 29.  The march was organized to push world leaders to confront the issue of global warming and to agree to reduce carbon emissions across the globe.

    Democrats Abroad with a group of more than 35 participants marched from Cibelles to Plaza de Sol.  Ryan Turner, chapter president, carried the American flag which attracted American onlookers to join us. Four of the participants later joined DA and we met a number members that we haven't seen in awhile. The DA marchers carried signs with messages in English and Spanish with every sign clearly identifying Democrats Abroad.

    President Obama's comments following the agreement can be seen below.


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