March 27, 2021

DAGR Stringer Sails West!

In the political activism world, you lose some and you win some. In DAGR’s case, we’ve lost the services of one of our Communications volunteers, Barbara Euser, for the coming year. On the up side, Barbara and a friend, Kelly Gregory, are circumnavigating the world in her Bristol 34 sloop, “Islander.”

They’re thinking of the trip as a challenge and the fulfilment of a long-held life goal. DAGR is thinking we’ve got our foreign correspondent heading out to the Asia Pacific Region.

Setting out from Panama, after transiting the canal and provisioning, they’ll start the first long leg – a 6000-mile, 60-day hop to Fiji -- this morning, March 28, 2021. Indonesia is the next likely destination.

After Indonesia, Islander will head towards South Africa, with a possible stop in Mozambique. From Capetown, they will head north across the Atlantic, possibly stopping in St. Helena and Trinidad, before returning to the San Blas Islands of Panama, hopefully, by this time next year.

Barbara and Kelly will have limited connectivity while at sea. And, they’re not sure where they’ll be allowed to put in, depending on Covid-19 restrictions. But they’ll post updates as possible.

We can follow their progress on their Predict Wind track, where they’ll post text comments and occasional photos.

Or for more background and some great photos, check in at their blogspot, where they’ll post when in a port with Internet facilities.

Καλό Ταξίδι to Islander and its intrepid crew!