March 09, 2023

Pandora’s Box Turnout...

Pandora’s Box Turnout


One box can’t fit everybody in it

But we sure like to collect them!

Everybody is a qualified expert

On other folks’ business

While neglecting their own

Oh, and we do love the tabloids!

Who hit and cussed out who

Who got their lips made

And whose cheeks got done up

Even in the fitness studio

People check their Instagram

While pretending to work out

We listen to the daily news

And get upset about everything

While the poor lady on the bus

With her hand out gets ignored

We move in enclosed spaces

While seeking freedom

We sing songs of blues

While searching for happiness

We watch others actions

Instead of keeping track of our own

We curse the current politics

Yet refuse to get actively involved

We stay chained in conceptions

While seeking enlightenment

We fear getting old and death

Both of which are inevitable

Guess we just be human


Camille Elaine Thomas

March 08, 2023

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