2019 Global Meeting in Washington DC

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Democrats Abroad will hold its 2019 Global Meeting from May 17-19 in Washington, D.C. We will be welcoming members from around the world as we work to prepare for the 2020 Primary and General Elections. Over the course of three days, we will attend to the regular business of the organization, discuss charter amendments and resolutions, run training sessions with local experts and Democrats Abroad field volunteers, and hold our biennial DPCA executive committee elections. In addition there will be regional meetings to elect Regional Vice Chairs and conduct other business.

The agenda will include several talks with Democratic Party leaders, both elected officials and members of the Democratic National Committee leadership.

Following the meetings, on May 20-21, we will hold our Democrats Abroad "door-knock" with meetings with Representatives and Senators as well as relevant US federal government agencies. If you are interested in joining the door-knock, use this form to sign up, and keep an eye out for emails with the upcoming announcements.


Registration for the 2019 Global Meeting is below. In the registration form, there are requested donation amounts which will help us cover the cost of three (3) days of venue rental and equipment. The Global Meetings are only possible thanks to participant donations. They are not sponsored by donations from corporations, pacs, other organizations within the Democratic party, etc. 

If you are unable to attend in person but wish to participate in the meeting, please select the WebEx ticket to join via web conference.

Please note that under Democratic Party rules, there is no obligation to donate in order to attend the meeting.  If you really cannot afford to donate, or wish to donate a smaller amount, please enter that amount in the Other Donations box. And if you want to donate more than the requested donation amount, please enter that additional amount in the Other Donations box. If you are unable to donate anything and want to attend the Global Meeting either in person or by Webex, please fill out this form.  If you are attending in person and making no donation for the meeting, but you DO want to purchase lunch or beverages, please also use the form below to register - and leave the Meeting box blank (We will assume you are attending in person - otherwise we will eat your food and drink your coffee). But please think about donating some amount for the meeting to help cover the costs of running the meeting.


In order to allow as many Democrats Abroad leaders and members to attend the Global Meeting regardless of economic circumstances, we have established a Travel Fund which will provide stipends to up to three DA members to defray their travel costs.  Please support this effort by making a donation to the Travel Fund in the box below.


As you will see below, we are also asking that you register for lunches during the meetings. These payments are not donations, and are necessary if you wish to order a meal and coffee


Register for the 2019 Global Meeting Dinners

Friday, May 17th, 2019- National Democratic Club

Saturday, May 18th, 2019- Logan Tavern

NOTE that for all items except the Travel Fund and other donations, please enter the number of "Tickets" requested.
I.E. If you want one lunch, enter 1. If you are donating for two people, then enter two, and enter their name on the checkout page. For the Travel Fund and other donations, enter the amount that you would like to donated, for example $1000 (just a suggestion). 

May 17, 2019 at 8:00am - May 19, 2019 at 5:30pm
20 F Street NW Conference Center
20 NW F St
Washington, DC 20001
United States
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Will you join the meeting?

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$160.00 - Suggested Donation for In-Person Attendance
Three Days In Person Attendance - Global Meeting / Regional Caucus Meetings (includes swag bag and Democrats Abroad/Vote From Abroad Lanyard with donation)
$55.00 - Suggested Donation for WebEx Participation
Three Days WebEx/Online Participation

Travel Fund and Other Donations:

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ENTER THE NUMBER OF TICKETS BELOW (e.g. enter 1 for one person, do not enter the amount of the ticket)
Lunch tickets are no longer sold. If you made an order before the deadline of May 9 and need to confirm, please email [email protected]