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Maria Allgaier - Biden delegate

I am half Chiricahua Apache, half German. I am currently located in the UK. I am excited to pledge myself for Biden. It is essential that we unite all democrats no matter who we support, so that we can finally defeat Donald Trump. I strongly believe Biden is the candidate who can do this. I first became involved in Democrats abroad 2 years ago. My role has been in youth engagement and registering Americans to vote. I have also worked and volutneered on a variety of senate and presidential campaigns. Lastly, I have been heavily involved in putting in place zero tolerance policies against sexual harassment in various different industries. On top of this, I have run some campaigns to raise awareness of troubling policies concerning Native American affairs such as public law 280 and TOLA. It would be an honour to be selected and to have the opportunity to represent Democrats Abroad.


Nicole Ratliff, DA Delegate Candidate for Biden

I'm a disabled single mom (Spina Bifida) to 10-year-old twins with disabilities (Son: Autism & Daughter: ADHD). I'm currently getting my 2nd Masters in Scotland. I have an education background in Sociology, Women/Gender Studies, Peace & Conflict, and now Social Anthropology. My academic focus is on research to improve social programs for single moms. I served with AmeriCorps VISTA (2015), and I received a Presidential award for exceeding the required hours. In 2018 I quit my Federal Government Job after almost dying from overworking myself at work and home as a caregiver. I left the U.S. to get healthy and spend more time with my kids by traveling the world and educating them through worldschooling. My passion is fighting for single moms to have the resources they need to thrive, disability rights, and improving Special Education for children.


Kimberly Nicole Shannon - DA Delegate for Joe Biden

I have demonstrated my commitment to the United States through my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and I would be honored to represent my country, as well as Democrats Abroad, as a delegate for Joe Biden. I support Mr. Biden for his work on the Affordable Care Act, which directly benefited me and millions of my fellow Americans, and or his pledge to choose a woman as his running mate. As a young woman of color, I trust Joe Biden with my future and the future of my country. I have been living in Hong Kong for the past four years teaching in an International Baccalaureate school, and have come to know the American international community well. I would love to serve this community by engaging established and potential party members as a delegate representing Joe Biden.


Luis Eduardo Jimenez

My name is Luis Eduardo Jimenez. I am a 25 year old Hispanic American lawyer living in London since September 2019. Before that, I lived with my family in the Dominican Republic. I have been a member of Democrats Abroad since 2016, a founding member of the DA Hispanic Caucus and a current Steering Committee member of the Caucus. I am looking forward to have the opportunity of representing Democrats living abroad in the 2020 Democratic National Convention, and to be a part of what will probably be the most diverse delegation present. I am fully committed to the mission of Democrats Abroad of helping Americans living abroad to exercise their vote, as well as to contribute to elect Democrats in 2020 to positions all over the US, including the White House.


Mario Carrano delegate candidate Democrats Abroad

“Nothing to be proud of” President Trump's accumulation policy, by a small part of Americans, is not a story that our government can be proud of. The coronavirus crisis has shown that our government adopts policies that promote asset-building among some while denying it to others. This favoritism is made largely on the basis of class. Creating a society with enormous injustice and inequality. The question is, then, what can be done to provide equal incentives and rewards to give to those who have-nots the same havers' opportunities. The answer is remarkably simple. Governments should support people who promote social circular economy processes. They provide the basis for transforming our society and will have in a strong democratic ticket, led by Biden, the presidential candidate who makes Americans around the world proud again to lead the world with dignity, justice, and fairness.


Marc Lorber, Biden delegate candidate from the UK

I believe Joe Biden and the team he will assemble around him in numerous positions provides a strong counterpoint to the current lunacy we're amidst. And as our Democratic nominee for President, I proudly support him as we all seek ways to work together, come together again, and elect him in November. We can and will talk policy, economics, climate change, health care, education- it's a longer list isn't it? And I hope to be one of your voices who engage in these conversations at the convention as we set our platform out. And in doing so represent not just Biden voters but all Democrats, frankly all Americans, abroad and at home, to be the hopeful, innovative, successful nation our enshrined democracy destines us to be.


Timothy Reinfeld, Delegate for Joe Biden

I am excited to be participating in my first presidential election as a member of Democrats Abroad and proud to be running as a delegate in such a significant and consequential election. I grew up outside of Washington, DC and have always had a great interest in government and politics. During high school I volunteered for the Kerry-Edwards campaign before attending the University of Rochester to study Political Science. After living and working in the Washington, DC area and later Boston, MA, I moved to London, UK in the fall of 2017 where I currently reside. As a young liberal minded pragmatist I am deeply concerned about the future of American politics and about Americans', both domestic and abroad, faith and trust in the system and would be proud to stand up and help elect a candidate such as Joe Biden become our next president.