Happy to have healthcare (UK) #DAresists #Medicare4all

I am a healthy young adult living in the United Kingdom. Although the NHS certainly has its problems and is underfunded, it is still fantastic! Just knowing that if I were to pass out at work again (I have low blood pressure) I wouldn't be telling the paramedics not to take me to the hospital because I can't afford it, as I did in the US. Even dental work, like fillings, costs about 20 quid, when it would likely cost hundreds of dollars without coverage. Even though I miss the US at times, I'm terrified to return if Obamacare gets repealed. The United States NEEDS a single payer system. It makes no sense to continue lagging behind the developed world. The peace of mind that if there were some accident or if I were to get sick, it wouldn't bankrupt me, is such a comfort.