Member at Large Democrats Abroad Lyon

Born in (West) Berlin during the Cold War, I was lucky to be able to spend part of my childhood growing up in upstate NY and Boulder, CO. Back in Berlin, I attended an American-German bilingual school, and after studying Political Science at university I moved to San Francisco and later Albany, CA. The progressive air of the Bay Area and the can-do attitude of the country suited me very well, but I became increasingly concerned with the growing inequality and systemic racism I was witnessing even in such a liberal place. In 2013, I became a US citizen, hoping to take a more active role in my community's political life. But life took our family to France, and unfortunately, my first presidential election as a citizen turned out Donald Trump as the winner. My husband and I both joined the newly minted Democrats Abroad Lyon Chapter, and I am hoping to resist the Trump Agenda in a meaningful manner by serving on the board.