DAG Communications Coordinator Candidate

Originally from Houston, Texas, I have lived in Germany since 2015. I initially became involved with Democrats Abroad as a member of the Münster-Osnabrück chapter. I appreciated the relationships I formed through DA and the ability to engage voters abroad in the American political process. While still residing in Osnabrück, I fell in love with Leipzig—my hometown’s sister city. When DA leaders discussed running 2020 primary voting centers, I volunteered to manage one in Leipzig. Using various forms of verbal and written communication, I successfully generated interest among Americans in a previously underrepresented region. I became Leipzig-Halle Precinct Captain, traveling across the country multiple times per month to lead meetings before I finally moved last March. We capitalized on the election-season motivation to form the newest DAG chapter. I have acted as Chapter Chair since DA Saxony’s inception and was officially elected in February. Witnessing the amazing work that goes on at the national level has inspired me to pursue a more active role in the DAG team. I feel particularly drawn to the position of Communications Coordinator because writing is a true passion of mine. In Osnabrück, I worked at the university’s English Writing Center leading academic writing workshops and consultations. I am currently employed as an editor for a U.S. news outlet, where I am honing my skills in different styles of writing and social media outreach. As a new publication, we are very focused on developing strategies to build our audience and grow our followers. I also have extensive experience in coordinating teams through DA and as a lacrosse coach for the Polish National Women’s Team. These communication and leadership abilities are skills I will translate to DAG to help reach the tens of thousands of U.S. voters in Germany.

Endorsement of Kaitlyn Kennedy by Matt LeMieux
Endorsement of Kaitlyn Kennedy by Antar Keith