Stuttgart Chapter Chair; Progressive Caucus Chair, Germany; DPCA Representative, Germany

  • is hosting February Chapter Meeting in Stuttgart 2020-01-12 07:09:17 -0500

    February Chapter Meeting in Stuttgart

    February is Black History Month, and we'd like to honor this history by focusing our meeting on voter enfranchisement in the U.S with a historical discussion about racist voter suppression and with actionable items to empower voters in 2020 and beyond.

    At this meeting, we'll have a voter registration station set up to help anyone who hasn't yet registered and requested their ballot for 2020.

    Whether you're interested in more information, joining postcard writing campaigns, learning about phonebanking, planning voter registration events, or have other ideas to get out the vote in 2020, this meeting will have something for you. We're excited to take on this work together!

    We meet in the Atelier Room on the first floor of Forum 3. Take the stairs or the elevator to the first floor then turn left.

    Please send any questions to

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    February 07, 2020 at 7pm
    Forum 3
    Gymnasiumstrasse 21
    Stuttgart 70173
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  • published Berlin - Kiez Captain(s) in Volunteer 2019-11-28 06:22:59 -0500

    Berlin - Kiez Captain(s)

    We are looking for people interested in setting up fun and social activities for Democrats Abroad in their local area of Berlin. This will make it more convenient for everyone to get involved because there will be more events right in their backyard! Kiez Captains will help build a community of Americans in their neighborhood which will bring our entire organization closer.

    Key Tasks:

      • Brainstorming different activities 
      • Organizing meet-ups in their Kiez
      • Communicating with DA members in their Kiez via email
      • Communicating with the Berlin leadership board and other Kiez Captains
      • Spreading the word about other DA Berlin events

    Time Commitment: 5 hours per month

    Contact Person: Diego Rivas,

  • rsvped for 2020 DA Germany Annual General Meeting 2019-11-22 13:40:42 -0500

    2020 DA Germany Annual General Meeting

    **Registration has been extended until January 19, 2020**

    2020 is going to be a pivotal year for the future of American democracy. At Democrats Abroad Germany, we remain committed to mobilizing the over 100,000 Americans in Germany to restore respect, dignity, and integrity to our nation’s highest offices.

    Getting Republicans out and Democrats in next year, however, is going to be a collective effort. It’s going to require us to work together nationwide like never before, keeping our eyes set on one main goal: getting each and every American in Germany to vote.

    As 2020 approaches, we would thus like to cordially invite you to join us in our efforts by attending the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Democrats Abroad Germany focusing on "Getting Out the Vote - At Home and Abroad" from Friday, January 24 to Sunday, January 26 at the Literaturhaus München (Salvatorplatz 1, 80333 Munich).

    Register here

    A great series of events are planned to help us – Democrats across Germany – connect and discuss our voter outreach efforts in 2020. These events are outlined in our tentative

    Schedule - Full agenda here (updated January 13)

    • On Friday, January 24, we’ll hear from the Women’s Caucus, which has put together a fantastic panel and performance centered around the topic “Don’t Get Mad, Get Even – Electing People Who Will Create Balance” (17:00-19:30). The first evening will come to a close with a welcome cocktail reception where we can connect with each other over drinks (starting at 19:00).
    • On Saturday, January 25, the main meeting focused on “Getting Out the Vote – At Home and Abroad” will be held (9:00-18:00). We will begin with an introduction to our organization and briefly highlight our activities across Germany over the past year. Our full attention will then be directed at how we can work together nationwide to get out the vote in 2020. In the afternoon, we'll hear from our caucuses as well as several presidential campaigns about why we need to vote in 2020. Representatives from the Biden, Buttigieg, Patrick, Sanders, and Steyer campaigns are expected, and we are awaiting confirmation from other presidential campaigns in the coming week. As we are committed to neutrality throughout the primaries, all Democratic presidential candidates' campaigns have been invited to join. We will round off the main meeting by reviewing our organization’s bylaws as well as vote on any suggested changes to them (for more on submitted suggested amendments, please scroll to the end of the page). Following the meeting, we’ll gather for a three-course gala dinner at the nearby restaurant Zum Franziskaner and hear from David Shor, an Obama-campaign-trained data analyst who is heavily involved in the stats behind the 2020 election (19:30-22:00).

    Guest speaker bio: David Shor is responsible for research and development of political consulting practices at Civis Analytics. He is often described as the Nate Silver of the Democratic National Committee. Civis Analytics was founded by alumni of Obama's 2012 re-election campaign's analytics department, which was pioneering in their use of analytics and statistical modeling in winning elections. Civis's political practice works with political clients ranging from large scale political committees to advocacy groups to nearly every major Democratic 2020 presidential campaign, helping decision makers answer strategic questions around messaging and resource allocation. Prior to being part of the founding team at Civis, David worked on the Obama 2012 campaign, specializing in survey methodology and time series modeling.

    • On Sunday, January 26, we want to make sure that those from out of town have some time to see the city and have scheduled a walking tour of Munich (11:00-12:30). Following the tour, everyone is welcome to join us at the tasty restaurant CADU for a farewell luncheon that will leave us invigorated for the election season ahead (13:00-15:00).

    Register today for this exciting weekend with passionate and inspiring Democrats from across Germany!

    Registration has been extended until January 19, 2020. Payment must be received by January 21, 2020.


    To attend the meeting, we are asking for a donation of 10€ for the Women’s Caucus event and 35€ for the main meeting on Saturday. The cost for meals and coffee breaks are as follows:

    • Saturday lunch: 20€
    • Saturday coffee breaks (includes two): 10€
    • Saturday gala dinner (three-course meal): 40€ 

    Under the rules of the Democratic Party and Democrats Abroad, a fee for attending the meeting is not allowed. However, we kindly ask for a donation to cover use of the Literaturhaus München, technical equipment, copies, and supplies. We ask that you donate this amount to cover the expenses of hosting the meeting and avoid drawing down the DA Germany treasury, which is devoted to getting out the vote. Participants do have to pay for meals and coffee breaks.

    Stipends for Attending

    DA Germany understands the accompanying financial cost of attending the Annual General Meeting. To ensure as many members are able to attend as possible, DA Germany offered eight stipends. The deadline to apply was Saturday, November 30, and applications are no longer being accepted. Applicants have been notified about the status of their application. 


    Homestays will be available thanks to DA Germany members in the Munich area. If you are interested in having a homestay, please complete the following survey so that we can make sure you are matched with an appropriate host: “need a homestay” survey. As soon as a homestay has been found, you will be contacted via email.

    For those in Munich who would be willing to host another member of DA Germany, please fill out this survey to sign up as a host: “homestay host” survey.

    If you would prefer to stay in a hotel, the Munich Chapter has compiled a list of hotels, which include several hotels offering us a discounted rate.

    We hope that you will join us for this weekend geared at bringing Democrats together and energizing us for the momentous 2020 election season. On behalf of the entire volunteer team already at work planning the meeting, we say:


    Suggested Changes to DA Germany Bylaws 

    The following suggested changes were submitted by the December 31, 2019, deadline, and are currently up for review by all members of DA Germany. Changed text has been italicized. A vote on these changes will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2020, at the AGM in Munich. The current DA Germany bylaws, which were last amended in 2018, can be accessed here

    Section 3.4

    Proposed by Quaide Williams

    Discrimination in the conduct of the affairs of DA Germany on the basis of race, sex, age, color, creed, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, philosophical persuasion, or physical disability shall be prohibited. 

    Section 4.4

    Proposed by Quaide Williams (as to bring DA Germany bylaws into compliance with the Democratic Party Committee Abroad's bylaws, which were amended in May 2019 in Washington, D.C.)

    No Officer or elected member of the Executive Committee may serve three full terms in an office consecutively unless there are no other candidates, except for the position of DPCA Voting Representative for which no term limits shall apply as per the DPCA Charter.

    January 24, 2020 at 12pm - January 26, 2020 at 12pm
    Literaturhaus München
    Salvatorplatz 1
    Munich 80333
    Google map and directions
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  • published Munich GOTV Coordinator in Volunteer 2019-11-22 08:28:22 -0500

    Munich GOTV Coordinator

    Key Tasks:

    • Plan and coordinate GOTV activities for your chapter, such as info-stands, voter registration drives, etc.
    • Request city permits for info-stands
    • Find, organize, and thank GOTV volunteers
    • Ensure GOTV events are advertised
    • Ensure that voter registration/ballot request happens at every 2019/2020 chapter event
    • Maintain an inventory voter registration materials
    • Maintain overview of tabling equipment for your events such as table, chairs, banner, etc. (though not necessarily being responsible for the storage). These supplies are provided by Democrats Abroad.
    • Communicate with DA Germany GOTV Coordinator and DA Germany Chair through regular calls in 2020 

    Time Commitment: about 5 hours per week

    Contact Person: Patrick Oberlaender,

  • published Heidelberg - Karlsruhe Precinct Captain in Volunteer 2019-11-22 08:14:30 -0500

    Heidelberg - Karlsruhe Precinct Captain

    The KA Precinct Captain is mainly responsible for organizing a dinner meeting once a quarter. This means booking the restaurant, deciding what to discuss, or maybe invite a guest speaker , and communicating to the Heidelberg Chair in time for this information to be sent out to members. Additionally but not essentially, it would be nice to try and motivate local members to take part in activities like an Info Stand, or help spread the word about DA around Karlsruhe and its universities (we have ready-made material for this). Extra events could be calling for a movie night, Thanksgiving dinner, 4th of July BBQ, reading group, etc. depending on interest.

    This person should be comfortable contacting people and leading a discussion (or finding someone else to do this), and an ability to follow up on ideas.

    Time Commitment: A few hours per quarter for meetings, plus some preparation for discussion (HD Chair can help with that); any additional activities would require planning time for each activity.

    Contact Person: Nancy Schimkat,


  • 🇩🇪 Turning Germany Blue - Volunteer with DAG 🇺🇸

    We're building a grassroots organization of American Democrats all over Germany in order to prepare for the 2020 elections and sustain the momentum necessary to protect and improve our democracy. Democrats Abroad is an organization run entirely by volunteers, and the time you give, in any amount, contributes to meaningful progress. Below you'll find opportunities to join our volunteer community at the national and local level. Whether you have a specific skill set, an area of expertise, or are just looking for any way to get involved, your help is welcome and very much appreciated. 

    Will you join us? 

    Follow the links below to find opportunities to volunteer locally or from anywhere. 

    Volunteer Anywhere

    Volunteer Locally

    DAG runs on 100% volunteer power, and we always need more people to keep our chapters and precincts going. Click on your chapter to view current volunteering opportunities in your area.


    Cologne - Bonn

    Dusseldorf - Ruhr






    Muenster - Osnabruck



    Wiesbaden - Mainz

    Still don't see anything that suits you? Let us know! We'd love to hear about how you'd like to get involved: click here for our volunteer survey.

  • Member Spotlight Series Nov. 2019 - Yvonne Najera

    DA Stuttgart is excited to present the first post in our latest project, the Member Spotlight Series. This month we're featuring Yvonne Najera. A military veteran, videographer, and two-time Germany resident, Yvonne joined Democrats Abroad in January 2019 and has been active locally, nationally, and regionally ever since. We asked her to share some of her experiences as an American expat and a DA Stuttgart member.

    Yvonne Najera

    Photography by Mitzi Kesterson, owner at Entrance Photography and member of DA Stuttgart

    What brings you abroad? How long have you lived here?

    I moved for work opportunities last January.

    Were you politically active or interested in politics before moving overseas? If so, how?

    The 2016 Women's March sparked my interest and motivated me to become active.

    How long have you been involved in Democrats Abroad? How did you find the organization and why did you join? (What factors influenced your decision to join?)

    I arrived in Germany January of this year and wanted to participate in the 2019 Women's March because I went to the 2017 & 2018 Marches. I searched online and saw that a group from Stuttgart was going to the Heidelberg March and I contacted the page. I met up with the group at a meeting just prior to the March. I have been going to the monthly meetings ever since.

    With which areas within Democrats Abroad are you involved? In which areas would you like to be more involved?

    I've just recently joined the Veterans and Military Families Caucus.

    What tips do you have for others looking to join or become more involved?

    Try out a few meeting or outings.

    Photography by Mitzi Kesterson, owner at Entrance Photography and member of DA Stuttgart

    You were nominated for this spotlight. Why do you think that is?

    Because I'm new and consistently show up to meetings and events.

    What do you hope Democrats Abroad will achieve in the near future? How about long term?

    I would hope that more awareness of this organization will tip the voting scales to the Dems in the U.S.

    What motivates you to stay involved?

    This current administration.

    In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing Democrats today? What challenges do you think are unique to Democrats living abroad?

    Dems don't play their politics dirty and it's hard to play with someone who likes to cheat. Remembering that it's our civic duty to always vote no matter where you are.

    How has your involvement with Democrats Abroad impacted you? (What effect has your involvement with Democrats Abroad had on you?)

    DA has kept me in check so I don't slouch on my civic duty to vote.

    Has living abroad changed your perspective on social issues and politics within the United States?

    We see a bigger picture of the world and global events. We have a big impact on that world with the people we elect.


    Help us celebrate the amazing people who keep DA Stuttgart going! In an effort to reflect the grassroots nature of our organization, the Stuttgart chapter has launched a project called the Member Spotlight Series. Our goal with this project is to highlight the real people showing up to defend our democracy. The selected member will be informally interviewed about their experiences with DA, have a fun photoshoot with a professional photographer, Mitzi Kesterson, and then be featured on the Stuttgart webpage on as well as our social media pages.

    Do you know someone, a long-standing or brand new member, who deserves to be highlighted? We're taking nominations now for next month's spotlight. Please send your nominations to


  • published New Beginnings for the Bodensee Precinct in News 2019-09-16 06:23:17 -0400

    New Beginnings for the Bodensee Precinct

    by Marisa Schlenker, Bodensee Precinct Captain

    It is exciting to have the opportunity to be part of revamping the Bodensee precinct as it gives those of us living in the Bodensee area a chance to come together to work towards the common Democrats Abroad goals. We know that there are Americans living here in this region and our main objective is to reach them to inform them all about the vote from abroad platform. It is so critical that all Americans living abroad know how to vote from abroad and that this nonpartisan platform exists to guide them in the different processes. Apart from informing Americans about voting from abroad and supporting them to have a voice in our government, our precinct will aim to be a space for our members to come together, discuss politics, fundraise, become more informed about different political and social issues and support the Democratic party from afar. 

    With our first Meet & Greet planned for September 22nd in Bermatingen, we hope to attract a range of potential members who can join us in designing and reinitiating the precinct, particularly as we move into 2020, a busy election year!


  • published Get Geared Up For 2020 With A New DA T-Shirt in News 2019-08-21 11:18:16 -0400

    Get Geared Up For 2020 With A New DA T-Shirt

    New DA shirts are in! Let the world know where you stand with a piece of our multi-colored merch. T-shirts cost $15 each and are available in the size and color combinations listed below. Snag one of these at our next chapter meeting on Friday, September 13! Or, because we have a limited quantity, it might also be a good idea to reserve your shirt now by commenting on this post or sending an email to 😉

    Democrats Abroad shirts (multicolored)*
    ❤️ Red - (1) L
    🧡 Orange - (1) M; (1) L
    💚 Green - (1) S; (1) XL
    💙 Blue - (1) XL
    💜 Purple - (1) S
    💟 Magenta - (1) M

    Get Your A$$ to the Polls shirts*
    🗳 (1) S; (2) M

    *Sizes run a bit large


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  • signed up on Youth Caucus 2019-06-26 07:49:43 -0400

    Youth Caucus Signup

    The Youth Caucus of Democrats Abroad is committed to generating awareness of the concerns of young Americans and the challenges they face for the purpose of informing party policy-making and improving party outreach and organizing. The Youth Caucus will provide a platform for young Democrats abroad - those who are and those who seek to become politically active - to engage in and lead on issues and campaigns important to them.


    The Youth Caucus will be “youth-led” but open to those of all ages who support these central aims.

    The Youth Caucus will/proposes to:

    • Build political engagement by young Americans Democrats abroad. Initiatives will make young Americans abroad aware of:  voter registration and voting from abroad; issue education, advocacy and activism, especially youth-led and youth-related;  candidates and campaigns, especially those of young Democrats;  US political and election organizing from abroad; and overseas and domestic youth networks, contacts and resources.
    • Sponsor issue-focused Working Groups: The Caucus will engage young Democrats abroad in issues advocacy by inviting them to join teams studying particular issues (eg Environmental Sustainability Working Group) and developing and coordinating youth-led advocacy activities and campaigns.
    • Establish web-based communication channels for on-going youth outreach: A Youth Caucus Blog on the Democrats Abroad Youth Caucus webpage will provide continuous access to the work of the Youth Caucus and facilitate participation by members globally.
    • Work online. Membership will not be constrained by physical location. All general meetings, campaigns, fundraisers etc. will be conducted online via Skype, Social Media, Email, and Online Markets.
    • Encourage caucus members to organize live local events and gatherings for political education and outreach, issues advocacy or socializing.
    • Be youth-led, with a leadership team made up of volunteers from around the world aged between 18 and 35.
    • Engage with US-based Young Democrats or College Democrats groups to share information, advice, intelligence and ideas, build networks and to cross-promote each other.
    Sign up

  • signed up on LGBT Signup 2019-06-01 16:48:17 -0400

    LGBT Caucus Signup

    Democrats Abroad is committed to a world where all persons have access to the same rights and benefits, regardless of sexual identity or gender expression.


    The Democrats Abroad LGBT Caucus is the constituency group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex members and any Democrat abroad who supports them.

    The goals of the LGBT Caucus reflect the mission of Democrats Abroad to:

    • engage and empower LGBTI Americans living abroad to vote in US elections;
    • provide a platform for Democrats Abroad members, country committees and chapters to advance issues at the heart of the LGBTI community;
    • support Democrats Abroad’s members in issues they face living abroad as LGBTI Americans, such as access to government services and benefits for same-sex spouses and family members, the legacy resulting from past discrimination and Defense of Marriage Act.

    The LGBT Caucus: 

    • supports Democrats Abroad’s country committees and local chapters in organizing activities of interest to the LGBTI community, such as participation in pride events and voter outreach; 
    • disseminates information to Democrats Abroad members and promotes action on issues that affect LGBTI Americans and their families;
    • ensures that the LGBTI perspective is effectively incorporated in all the work of Democrats Abroad, including issues advocacy, communication and GOTV strategy, planning and execution; ensures that issues and policies that impact LGBTI Americans are included in the Democrats Abroad and Democratic Party platforms;
    • takes leadership in Democrats Abroad’s issues advocacy initiatives, including “door knock” visits to elected officials in Washington DC, to ensure that issues that impact LGBTI Americans living abroad and their families are included and addressed by elected representatives;
    • encourages LGBTI members to run for elected leadership roles within Democrats Abroad and fulfill Democrats Abroad’s diversity and affirmative action goals;
    • supports community building among Democrats Abroad’s LGBTI members and allies;
    • promotes Democratic Party candidates who demonstrate commitment to policies that positively impact the lives of LGBTI Americans;
    • supports and engages with Democratic Party LGBTI caucuses build capacity and achieve common goals.
    Sign up

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    Running For Democracy

    Thanks for supporting Democrats Abroad at the Running for Democracy event.
    The race is over and you should have received an email telling how your runners did - and what your donation amount should be. 
    If the amount matches one of the boxes on the left, just click on that box and then complete your donation information. If it doesn't match one of the boxes, then enter the amount in to the "Other" box and complete your donation information. 
    By sponsoring our Running for Democracy event, you are helping Democrats Abroad finance our very important GOTV efforts for the 2020 Election. So feel free to donate a larger amount than what you pledged. It WILL make a difference!

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  • America Divided? - Bi-Partisan Discussion on the Political Divide

    by Mark Neel

    This past Thursday the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum in Stuttgart was the site of a lively discussion about the seemingly interminable political divide which has become increasingly evident in the United States in recent years. Kelsey McLendon, chair of the Stuttgart chapter of Democrats Abroad, and Michael Pierce, PhD., member of Republicans Overseas, represented the different sides of this divide, while Dr. Martin Kilgus, Managing Director of the ifa Akademie, moderated the talk. The many attendees in the packed room not only witnessed this event, but frequently participated in it themselves with their own questions and comments. The topics ranged over a variety of subjects, including immigration, climate change, international relations, racism, and, of course, Donald Trump, and though it was occasionally heated, the tone between participants remained always respectful and civil. As perhaps could have been expected, little was resolved between the starkly contrasting viewpoints of the participants that evening, but on one point Kelsey and Michael ended up finding one thing they both could agree upon: the dire need for campaign-finance reform. That's at least a start! Democrats Abroad would like to thank all the participants -- the speakers, the moderator, and audience -- as well as the DAZ for organizing this wonderful and thought-provoking event.


  • rsvped for Watch the Film Legalize Equality 2019-03-07 11:19:01 -0500

    Watch the Film Legalize Equality (Free)

    The Equal Rights Amendment resolution passed unanimously in Tokyo where we committed to do whatever we can to help get the ERA ratified.  See the resolution here.

    Watch the video "Legalize Equality."  This 30-minute video gives an excellent overview of the Equal Rights Amendment and why it is critical to be ratified.  

    You can watch the video until 31 December 2020 or the ERA passes.

    To receive the streaming link and password, click RSVP and you will receive an email with the information in it.

    Feel free to share the link and password to DA members that want to view it.  However, please do NOT post the link and password on the internet in any way.  Only Democrats Abroad has access for this private screening and we need to honor this special access given by Equal Means Equal and Heroica Films.  



    Additional References to learn more about ERA:


    January 31, 2019 at 6pm - February 28, 2020 at 6pm
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    Make a donation using the form on the left or join our sustaining donors Margin of Victory Club.

    Are you interested in joining the Democrats Abroad Margin of Victory Club and making a monthly donation? Would you like to use Paypal to make a donation? Contribute to Democrats Abroad through ActBlue

    Every dollar you give supports our work to elect Democrats who will fight - AND FIGHT BACK - to make a better life for ALL Americans.   Join us by making a donation today.

    Julia Bryan, Chair - Democrats Abroad

    We need Democrats like you to commit to Democrats Abroad - your Democratic Party for overseas Americans. Contribute to Democrats Abroad today and help us fight back against the Trump agenda, register Americans all over the world for upcoming elections, reach out on issues that concern you and build a brighter future for our country and the world. With your help, we can make the difference. We did it all over the country in 2018! And we are already working on 2020!

    If you are unable to contribute online, send us a US Dollar check with this form to the following address.

    Democrats Abroad
    PO Box 15130
    Washington DC 20003

    Thank you for your support!

    On-line credit card contributions made to Democrats Abroad are secure, encrypted transactions made via Stripe.


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  • wants to volunteer 2017-11-22 07:45:56 -0500


    Join our tiny actions team and receive regular emails outlining actions you can take to support issues that matter to Democrats and our allies. 

    Democrats Abroad's country committees need local volunteers. Volunteer by clicking on the "Countries" tab above, find your country, and contact your leaders directly.

    Do you want to help at a global level? We have more than a dozen global teams that work to keep our organization running. 

    Our global teams provide get out the vote help, communications, technology support and more to the all the grass roots volunteers working at the local level in Democrats Abroad. Regardless of where you live there is a team that needs your talent and dedication. Now is the time to join fellow Democrats and help fight for what's right. Any questions, write us at

    Please check out our global team opportunities.


    Become a volunteer