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  • Democrats Abroad Voter Protection Call and Twitter Storm Action RECAP

    For those of you who were unable to  join the original DA Voter Protection call storm and Twitter action on June 18 due to our technical problems, we are running the event again!  Please RSVP and join us!

    With hugely consequential elections taking place in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been a more important time to stand up for our voting rights.

    Please join this DA Voter Protection action, co-hosted with DAUK Voter Registration, to raise our voices to help ensure that all American citizens, at home and abroad, can participate in safe and fair elections.

    Actions will focus on promoting ballot returns via email for Americans overseas, and helping to save the USPS.

    Please RSVP below to receive the ZOOM meeting information.
    This event will take place from 12:00-1:00 PM EDT, East Coast Time.

    Meeting Time Zone Guide

    Hong Kong
    Paris, France
    London, UK
    Washington DC
    Vancouver, Canada


    12:00 (noon)
    9:00 AM


    July 30, 2020 at 12pm
    Zoom - online
    Washington, DC 20008
    United States
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    landing page


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    Democrats Abroad Canada is the official country committee of the DPCA for U.S. Democrats living in Canada. We are a 100% volunteer self-funded organization helping American citizens vote in U.S. elections through voter registration and keeping Americans informed on key issues. DemsAbroad Canada engages with members of Congress on issues affecting Americans living abroad, and strives to make information available to our members on topics such as Canada/US tax filing requirements, Estate Planning, and Operating a Corporation in Canada as an American Abroad. We also provide many opportunities to volunteer with our Get Out the Vote efforts!

    Volunteers are always needed to help get out the vote, grow our base, and reach out to find new friends. In 2020 it is critical we collectively do all that is possible to encourage the estimated 650k - 1m Americans in Canada to vote! To volunteer, contact the chapter chair at or email the DA Canada Volunteer Manager, Jamey Shick.

    The Montreal Chapter posts events and news items on this page and on our Facebook page.  Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what is happening and RSVP for events that are of interest to you.  We are always open to hearing from our members about ideas for helping Americans connect with each other in Montreal and the surrounding communities. is the "go-to" website for any and all concerns about voting from outside the US.  If you, or any Americans you know have questions or concerns about obtaining your absentee ballot, please go to and follow the simple instructions to register and request your ballot. It is vital that all eligible Democratic voters make their voices heard in 2020, both in the presidential election and in important Congressional and down-ballot races.  



    We are inviting members to join us in our effort to call all of our DA Montreal members to remind them to REGISTER in their home state, REQUEST their absentee ballot and RETURN their ballot before Nov 3.  The three R's if you will.

    To sign up for phonebanking, please click the TAKE ACTION button on the top bar and then scroll to phonebanking and follow the instructions.

    We have planned two phonebanking training sessions so far.  SUNDAY, MAY 31 AT 7 PM and TUESDAY, JUNE 2 AT 7:30 PM.  Please email the chapter chair at and tell us which date you prefer.  You will be sent Zoom details after you RSVP.

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    landing page

    As I am sure many of our members know, the Nov 3, 2020 election is a very consequential electoral event. It is vital that all of our members register in their home state, request a ballot, and send it in. Each state has different registration requirements and deadlines so please, visit and get this information for your state.

    I want our members to know that DA Canada is working tirelessly to help chapters develop new methods of outreach to our members locally. I have attended and will attend many web-based sessions on social media, print media, and a whole assortment of ideas on how to do outreach “not in person”.

    Please do contact us and tell us how you are doing. Talk with us about any ideas you might have about ways to contact members at this unusual time. I will be sending emails with information on how we are doing outreach. I hope that many of our members join in on these efforts.

    One constant in this outreach is PHONE BANKING. DA has always done this and now this method of outreach has new meaning. This isn’t the kind of calling you might be thinking – it’s not a cold call asking for money. No, this is DA members calling other DA members reminding them to register, request and send in their absentee ballot. There is info on the web page: Take a look, sign up and get ready for the next calling campaign.

    Please stay safe and even as you socially distance, don’t forget to ask those you know if THEY are a US citizen (hey, you never know). And if you find one, tell them to go straight to and request their absentee ballot and check for their state’s requirements.


    Randi Weitzner

    Chair, Democrats Abroad Montreal


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    I am including the text of a recent email to members below in an effort to drum up enthusiasm among "the troops" to get more involved and more active in DA Montreal's efforts to get out the vote in 2020.  We have slowly been building interest in our efforts over the last few months, but look for that to ramp up in 2020.  We have the DA Presidential Global Primary in March, a DA event in Toronto in May, and of course the actual election in November.

    In order for our chapter to be successful (and that means Democratic wins in 2020) there is no doubt in my mind that  I need more of you, ALL of you, to help me.  Help in any way you can - volunteer your professional talents - graphics, marketing, entertainment, etc.  Volunteer your time at DA events (this is important for our Global Primary event).  Come to our events and talk with us about our plans for the future of our chapter.  

                                                         DA MONTREAL WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IF OUR MEMBERS PARTICIPATE!

    Thank you in advance,

    Randi Weitzner


    I really want to meet more of you and get our chapter moving in the right direction. It’s all about building relationships and building momentum as we head into 2020. I know it’s cold and getting downtown can be a pain, but I have been learning that face to face contact with members is a very important way to motivate members. So, please come and join us on Wednesday.

    I can imagine most of you have been watching the impeachment hearings either in full or in bits and pieces. And yet, when I talk to people who might have a more “studied” view of these proceedings (an MSNBC contributor and a professor of political science) I hear them say things like “don’t be surprised if Trump is able to get re-elected in 2020”. Really?? Personally, I am shocked to hear this, but it also hardens my resolve to make sure we reach out to each and every American Democrat living in Montreal and ensure that they vote from abroad. That may be all we can do to effect a change and so as DA members we all have to work together to make sure we do the most effective outreach we can.

    All that said, please come to Hurley’s on Wednesday. We are having some “US Thanksgiving” treats. If you have any Thanksgiving decorations, bring them along. I so enjoy talking to members and have gotten some great ideas and help from so many of you after to talking with you at past events.

    Randi Weitzner


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    Our last Dems and Drinks was a lot of fun. We had a combination of new and “old” members in attendance and everyone seemed to have a good time getting to know each other and talking politics. The DA Montreal executive talked about doing another debate watch, but we decided that it might be more effective to have another DEMS AND DRINKS event which will give us the opportunity to talk WITH each other about the debate issues instead of straining to see and hear what is happening on a distant TV screen. We can also discuss the Climate Change town hall recently broadcast on CNN. So many issues to talk about.

    The details of the next Dems and Drinks are below in the EVENTS section. I would encourage all members to try and clear their schedules to join us for what I know will be an interesting evening. We can talk AND drink – doesn’t get much better than that!



    As part of my initiative to go to where our members live, I am headed out to Sainte Adele to visit with DA members living in the Laurentians.  If you know of DA members who live near that area that might be interested, please pass this information along.  For those DA members living north, south, east or west of the downtown core who would like to consider helping me set up a meet and greet in your area, please contact me to let me know.  

    I have had meetings in the Sainte Anne de Bellevue area,Pointe Claire and Laval I know members in those areas are interested in getting involved.  Please reach out to me with your ideas for creating events in your community so that other DA members who are close by can get together.  You can always check the website for new items and event listings to see what is happening in Montreal.

    As we cross the threshold into 2020, we are going to need to ramp up our efforts to inform all Democrats in Montreal that they need to request their absentee ballot for 2020 and then remind them to send them in closer to election time.  DA Canada is also involved in many activities to promote Democratic candidates all over the US and can use our help to do phone banking.

    Get involved.  Make a difference.  The time for watching from the sidelines is long gone.  Trump is ruining the country many of us used to call home and a lot of us still do.  Let make sure that America shows him the door in November 2020  - au revoir Donald.


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    We have had pretty good attendance at our debate watch events and members have been very interested in talking with each other at these events (actually talking more to each other than listening to the debates!).  So we have scheduled a DEMS & DRINKS event August 13at                                                                L’Amère à Boire, 2049 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2X 3K8

    I know that many members don’t live in the downtown area, but if you are even a little bit close by, maybe talk with other Democrats about carpooling in and join us for a fun evening of drinks and politics.


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    Democrats Abroad Montreal Chapter members met for a 4th of July picnic at the Mount Royal Chalet. We were a small, but a  hardy group who braved the intense heat to meet up to celebrate this very American holiday (without tanks and airplanes, thank you Mr. Trump). Here’s a picture of one of the members who attended.

    Americans are happy in their lives in Canada and their Montreal communities, but their ties to the US remain strong and as Democrats, they are very concerned about the path the US is taking. All American citizens who reside in Montreal should go to, a non-partisan site which will help them register to vote and request their absentee ballot. If anyone wishes to get more information on the DA organization, they can visit the website at

    Randi Weitzner, Chair, DA Montreal


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    Debate Watch in Montreal June 26, 2019

    Just behind that American flag is a table of McGill students gathered in Bar des Pins to watch the first night of the Democratic debates. We had a great turn out, well over 40 people, with a mix of McGill DA club members and DA Montreal members. There was a lot of animated discussion about the candidates on the stage with applause for some when they “hit the sweet spot”.

    I just want to share with everyone something which came up many times in the course of the evening as I walked through the crowd to introduce myself. There are a lot of Americans here in Montreal and a lot of them want to connect with other expats. I have made no secret of my primary aim to get as many American Democrats as possible to send in their absentee ballots in 2020. That is what keeps me up late at night. But, what I learned at this event is that it is just as important for this chapter to provide ways for Americans here in Montreal to connect and you have my word that our executive team will work diligently to find ways to make this happen. As always, I would appreciate members’ input on this subject to help us plan future activities.

    It was great to see everyone at this event. I look forward to seeing more of you on Mount Royal for July 4th and then again at the Pride Parade August 18. Don’t forget, we are printing DA Montreal tee shirts, $20 each. I think we CAN find other Americans when we wear our DA tee shirts and let other Americans know we are here. I hope to place an order by July 5, so don’t delay in ordering.

    Keep spreading the word about Democrats Abroad. We want a policy of “no American left behind”. If you are an American- and you are a Democrat- and you live in Montreal- then you NEED to be a part of this organization. We need to stick together and be there for each other AND for our country! Montreal Democrats CAN make a difference in the 2020 US presidential election. Remember, your vote is part of an aggregate of absentee votes being sent in from all over the world. Those individual votes add up and they add up quickly. And I believe that this current administration’s attitude toward the people it is meant to serve will act as a catalyst for a lot more people to vote with the Democrats in 2020.

    Randi Weitzner

    Chair, DA Montreal


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    Please be sure to check this web page often for upcoming events and information. If you click the events tab now, you will see we have three upcoming events in the next three months

    Debate viewing – Wednesday June 26 @ 9pm

    July 4th Picnic on Mount Royal – July 4 @ 6:30pm

    Gay Pride Parade – Sunday August 18 @ 2:15 pm

    Please join us for any or all of these events.


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