Global IT Team; Membership/IT Coordinator, Germany

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    Elizabeth Rosenberg - Delegate Candidate for Senator Sanders

    When I learned of Senator Sander's first campaign for the presidency, I was pursuing my BA in political science in California. He boldly addressed the most pressing systemic challenges facing the United States, which I had experienced both in and out of lecture halls. I campaigned during both of his runs; this time, phone banking from Berlin, Germany, where I earned my MA. As a delegate, I will be committed to rationalizing the party platform, exercising my academic and volunteer experience. I say "rationalizing," because an honest attempt to secure the presidency requires a much-emboldened democratic platform. My priorities include addressing the climate crisis with robust, transformative strategies and Medicare for All. I am supportive of progressive re-structuring of our many failed systems which have resulted in a variety of injustices. I would be honoured by your support and look forward to continuing the struggle for a better world.

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    Ryan Manzie Macauley, Delegate Candidate for Bernie Sanders, EMEA Region

    To succeed in 2020, we must provide all Americans (Dems, GOP, Independents) a platform to exchange ideas, values and priorities. To achieve this, the DNC should also reflect these realities. I firmly believe that I can contribute to this dialogue, and can represent the voices of those who are often grouped into perceived ideologies. Born in Charleston, SC - I am a graduate of Morehouse College with a BA in Economics and the University of Cape Town with a Masters of City and Regional Planning. Currently, I am a Management Consultant supporting local governments in South Africa to achieve resilience in their municipal finances. Previously, I served with the United Nations, assisting Governments in least-developed economies design Housing Policy and Housing Finance solutions.

  • tagged Jay Macintosh's JAY W MACINTOSH - Delegate Candidate for Joe Biden with approved 2020-05-06 06:25:04 -0400

    JAY W MACINTOSH - Delegate Candidate for Joe Biden

    It is all going to come down to people being able to bend. We must come together at this important time. We must be DEMOCRAT TOUGH - tough, smart, united, disciplined, and loving! That applies to ALL Democrats.  It is not a marriage. But, we must be smart in order to beat Trump.  Then, after we win, we will come back better! I hope we Democrats can envision what is at stake. Let's unite for strength! I pledge myself to help elect a leader who has the expertise to lead this country to a new new deal for the American people. We must change history in this country.  I want to help reestablish an order of competence and courage by helping Joe Biden lead us to victory!! We must help restore America to its own people.

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    Adam Bresnahan - Delegate Candidate for Bernie Sanders

    I worked extensively for our grassroots organization Germany for Bernie and thus helped Bernie achieve his landslide victory in the DA primary. Germany for Bernie made over 10,000 phone calls and canvassed heavily during the primary. I want Medicare for All to be placed on the Democrats' platform at the convention, so that Americans abroad will be able to afford to move back to the US if they would like to do so. GfB knows that this will be crucial for us to mobilize our 150+ member group and be able to get out the vote abroad. I am otherwise supportive of Bernie's platform. I have spent a lot of time helping refugees find permanent housing in Berlin. I am a translator and copy editor.

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    Tripler Pell, MD, MSc Sanders Delegate Candidate

    I am a family physician and medical educator who has been living and practicing in Canada for the past 12 years. The current pandemic's course has only further demonstrated the overwhelming need for a coordinated, universal health care system, which is just one (life and death) example of the many ways that structural inequities need to be addressed by democrats. I am passionate about volunteering my time to make this a priority issue for candidates and humbly ask for your vote.

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    PJ Carlisle , Delegate Candidate Pledged for Bernie Sanders, EMEA

    Pledged for Bernie Sanders propelled by his powerful political velocity

    I’m open to all discourses that inform more rounded opinions, mine rooted in Post Colonial philosophies

    An academic appreciator of the arts and cultures

    I’m unfettered by race, gender, nationalism or borders

    Underrepresented voices always have my ear

    And as a Redwooded Californian at heart, the Earth remains near and dear

    Longevity should be our focus when building our transnational community

    We must think in terms of multiplicities and avoid using the royal ‘we’

    It is time for a future to believe in and at the DNC I aim to represent US, not just me


    (UK based, California voter, Non-Binary, Youth, Latinx, Native American)

  • tagged Azan Marwah's Azan Marwah - Sanders Delegate Candidate with approved 2020-05-03 06:31:00 -0400

    Azan Marwah - Sanders Delegate Candidate

    Because of my work as a human rights barrister in Hong Kong, fighting for political rights, LGBT rights, and an end to human trafficking, I know that the need for democracy in our country is not hypothetical. DA needs leaders like Bernie Sanders who represent our highest ideals, who have a vision for our democracy, and who speak of a movement not merely a person. Complaining about Trump and calling for a 'return' to the past is not enough. We must show that we can lead America into the future. We have to fight for real reform. We urgently need to put an end to big money in politics, pass medicare for all, reform Wall Street and introduce real equality.

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    Ben Mendelson (Uruguay) - DA candidate for DNC

    The Democratic Party has been in my blood... since my mother strolled me door to door, for Adlai Stevenson. I tagged along with my sister, campaigning for Eugene McCarthy. I personally volunteered for Dukakis, Boxer, Dean, Obama, Clinton, and most recently Elizabeth Warren. Where I organized "Team UFL" (Uruguayans For Liz). After 40 years in the media-technology business... I'm now semi-retired living with my Brazilian diplomat wife, in Montevideo, Uruguay. I now have the time to give back to my Party and to my country. I am running as a DA delegate to the DNC. And I'll use all of my experience, resources, and connections... to strengthen the Party and support every Democratic candidate. It's IMPERATIVE that we defeat Donald Trump, hold the House, and take back the Senate. The environment, our civil rights, our international stature... all depend on it.

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    Adrianne George - DNC Member Candidate

    I would be honored to be re-elected to represent you on the Democratic National Committee (DNC). I will continue building relationships with fellow DNC members, telling your stories, explaining how we elect Democrats in every State. Simultaneously, I worked within Democrats Abroad (DA) as the former Global Caucus leader, former Global Volunteers leader, and am on our Affirmative Action Committee and Sweden’s Black Caucus Chair. My mission is to keep you up-to-date by sharing news from the DNC via the leadership listserv, our DA wiki, and my Facebook page. During the DNC meetings, I attend the Black, Midwestern, Military Veterans & Families and Women’s meetings and belong to the Disability, Rural, and Senior Caucuses.

    I couldn’t have done any of this without your belief in me and my husband’s support. I thank you and hope that you and yours will stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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