Dirk Zschocke - Delegate Candidate for Bernie Sanders (EMEA)

Born in Michigan of German, Italian and Swiss roots, of a grandmother that had to flee due to a war made possible by a nation that followed an irresponible, destructive leader, I carry a multiecultural background since before I even could speak. Living and working in Europe, Asia, India and the Americas as a trained biologist, artist, therapist and shaman thaught me the power of being able to choose my own way and taking responibility for my fellow ones around me, in my community and the world. To find a balance between individual freedom and supporting each other to create a society that leaves no one behind in the clear consciousness that it is our birthright to live and walk in beaut. It‘s now time that we integrate these virtudes of the „old“ with the virtudes of the „new“ world. Bernie Sanders is the one that brings these virtudes.