Göttingen-Hannover Post-Election Discussion and Pre-Holiday Chapter Meeting


Come join us and bring your “Glühwein” and Christmas cookies for a post-election discussion and some socializing in the Christmas spirit. It has been four weeks since the Biden-Harris team won the White House, but also four weeks of craziness on the part of President Trump and his cronies. Never before in our history, have we witnessed such a transition period full of unbelievable conspiracy theories. We also saw unprecedented voter turnout and set records for the number of votes cast for a President. Even with those encouraging gains, many hopes and expectations for down-ballot races did not materialize, causing our majority in the House to shrink, some of our top challengers for the Senate to fall short and our attempts to flip state legislatures to be unsuccessful.

Many questions come to mind that we can discuss. These are, just to name a few: What are the Democratic Party’s electoral prospects for going forward? Will the Biden-Harris team and the new administration be confronted with a stone-walling Republican Party? How could all the polling have been wrong, which predicted a “Blue Wave” down-ballot? Can the new administration begin the healing process in our extremely divided country? What about the inclusion of progressives? And what could Trump, and his allies be planning for the coming four years?

An interesting article was written by David Shor in New York Magazine, which fits in really well with our planned discussion of the 2020 election. If you want a PDF copy of the article just write to the chapter chair (email below) or you can access the article at this link: 


Our agenda for the meeting is shown below. As you can see we will be having an election for Chapter Chair next year and we also need to find a new Precinct Captain to replace Richard Sentinella, who has done a wonderful job representing DA in Kassel and helping to build up the Precinct there. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

December 13, 2020  Meeting Agenda:

  • Introductions and welcome
  • GOTV for the Georgia Senate runoff races
  • Post-election discussion - What now? What happened? Where was the Blue Wave? What next? What can we expect?
  • January 2021 and Chapter Elections
  • Kassel looking for a new Precinct Captain
  • Annual General Meeting in Münster - March 2021

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December 13, 2020 at 3pm - 5pm EMEA/Berlin Time
Hannover, ND 58563
United States
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Jennifer von Estorff ·
Brian Kearney Kenton Barnes Richie Sentinella Steven Lavan Garth Pritchard Katie Von Holzen Christian Gross

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