DA Philippines August 16 General Meeting Agenda

Democrats Abroad Philippines

Sunday August 16 from 2:30-3:30 pm

Online via Zoom

* * *

  1. Welcome and confirmation of a quorum
  2. Introductions
  3. Minutes from the Annual General Meeting on January 18, 2020 (link)
    1. Approval
    2. Business arising
      1. Omar volunteered to reach out to Rappler for ad posting
      2. Bing volunteered to reach out to AmCham
      3. Jay volunteered to make an announcement during a Rotary meeting
      4. Portable Medicare – Omar and Jay - reach out Eric Lachica and Loida Lewis
      5. Jay volunteered to reach out to the embassy and request them to host an event to help raise awareness about the upcoming election
      6. Lisa volunteered to ask the US Embassy about help needed by Americans detained in the Bicutan Immigration Detention Facility
      7. Lisa to follow up with Jay if he is interested to organize a Quezon City ward.
      8. Send a cleaned up version of the by-laws to Democrats Abroad International and post on DAPh website.
  4. Highlights of the past seven months
    1. 2nd Progressive Drinking event held February 18th
    2. Global Presidential Primary
    3. Database cleanup
    4. Calling campaign
    5. Asia Pacific virtual pub quiz
    6. Mailing voting materials through the embassy
    7. Zoom Drop-In Sundays
    8. FilAms4Biden.com
    9. Facebook paid ads and boosts ($300 grant)
    10. Thanks to Nancy for posting daily on our Facebook page and tweeting!
    11. Thanks to Brian for doing the following singlehandedly – we need more people!
      1. Database updates
      2. Website posts
      3. Emails to members
  5. Membership Management Committee – any updates?
  6. Get Out the Vote
    1. Urge all US citizens you know to register ASAP (training video is available here)
    2. Join calling campaign for swing states
    3. Sign up as a Voting Champion here
    4. Sign up at www.FilAms4Biden.com
    5. Volunteer for Zoom Drop-In Sundays
    6. Reach out to groups/organizations you know, join FB groups and share info
    7. Donate $20.20 and get a chance to win prizes here
    8. Donate to support phonebanking here (choose phonebanking under purpose, it closes August 20)
    9. Volunteer to create a DAPH Instagram account and post updates
    10. Volunteer to contact DAPH members who vote in swing states that require registration forms to be mailed
  7. Upcoming
    1. August 22 – Screening of Capturing the Flag movie (trailer available here) Saturday from 9 to 10:45 am (have to RSVP, donations optional and appreciated, details to follow)
    2. August 28 – Reading of Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech – Friday (57th anniversary)
    3. September 19 – Ballot release day
    4. September 22 – Ballot return day (recommended)
    5. October 1 – If you haven’t received your ballot, submit a write in ballot (FWAB) (ballots mailed after this date may not reach your election official in time)
  8. Other business
  9. Date of next meeting