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    CANCELED: Seoul In-Person GPP Voting on March 7, 2020

    Sadly, with coronavirus concerns and the dramatic increase in cases in South Korea, we've decided to cancel the in-person voting event we were going to hold on March 7, 2020.

    But! The Global Presidential Primary is still the easiest Democratic Primary for overseas voters to participate in thanks to:


    Registered Democrats Abroad members should have received a ballot for DA's global primary in their email on February 18, 2020. If you didn't see it in your inbox, you can download the ballot here on the Democrats Abroad website. Just fill it out and send it back by email or post! The deadline is March 10, 2020.

    Coronavirus may be exceptionally frustrating, but don't let the virus disenfranchise you! Democrats Abroad represents 9 million Americans living abroad and has as much weight as any US state party in the Democratic Primary. Your vote for your favorite Democratic candidate can have potentially 4x more impact than back at home!

    CAUTION: You CAN NOT vote for a Presidential Candidate in both your home state primary and the GPP.

    So we hope you choose to use your vote for the GPP!

    It's impactful.

    It's easy.

    It's right now!


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    Welcome to Democrats Abroad South Korea!

    Democrats Abroad South Korea (DAROK) is the official country committee for all Democrats living abroad in South Korea. All English teachers and all workers. All spouses and children. All refugees and students abroad for the first time. The goals of our organization are to provide you the tools and means by which you can make your voice heard, even halfway across the world. With DAROK, you can be sure you, your friends, and your family are registered to vote.

    Membership is available only to US citizens. Joining Democrats Abroad does not cancel your registration with your home state. Everyone still votes through their home state for the November election

    Watch this space for upcoming announcements of events and news pertaining to DAROK. We have events planned throughout the year, and anyone interested is encouraged to join.