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    DAUK Independence Day Virtual Picnic


    Although we won't meet in person this year for DAUK's annual Independence Day Picnic, we will still celebrate the Glorious Fourth with a day of games, kids' activities, American food demonstrations, music, and entertainment.

    12:00 Opening Ceremony

    12:30 American Food Hour with our BBQ caucus 

    13:45 Special Guest Speaker

    14:00 Around DAUK: Meet our leaders and groups 

    15:00 Kids Entertainment

    15:30 Quiz!

    16:30 Closing 

    Reserve your free day pass today, but please consider helping to support DAUK's 2022 get-out-the-vote activities by buying a Indepence Day Win (£7.04) or a Victory 2022 Ticket (£20.22). We would be delighted if you are able to go that extra mile by becoming a member of our Host Committee.

    Places are limited, so book today. You will be sent updates and joining details.

    See you online soon.

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    July 04, 2021 at 12pm
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    U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand



    The return to Democratic leadership has reset the U.S. agenda for women across race, sexual orientation, and geography. This moment calls for bold political, social, and economic investments that lead to shared prosperity and equitable recovery for women.

    Join U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for an important discussion of what is being done, and what must be done, at the Federal and State level to capitalize on this important moment, and to address the policy perspectives we bring as Democrats Abroad.

    Senator from NY since 2009, Gillibrand has led legislative action on numerous issues including sexual assault in the military, child nutrition, childcare for members of the Armed Forces, and parental leave.  

    Our conversation with the Senator will be followed by a panel of leading experts across several issue areas that impact women’s economic status as documented in the 2020 Democrats Abroad Platform and offer policy remedies that root out biases that shut women out.  

    The Panel will examine four issues within the Platform that are key to reversing inequalities for women: Intersectionality, Economic Inequality, Social Safety Net, and Sexual Identity Equality. Featured Panelists:

    Intersectionality: Why Connecting the Dots Matter in the Fight for Women’s Equality - Dr. Ronda Zelezny-Green, Chief Learning Officer, BRK Ujima

    Economic Inequality – Building an Inclusive Economy for the Long Term - Dr. Linda Scott, Emeritus Professor, University of Oxford

    Social Welfare: Assuring A Baseline of Support and Security for Women - Dr. C. Nicole Mason, president/CEO, Institute for Women’s Policy Research (WPR)

    The Economic Case for LGBT Equality - Dr. M. V. Lee Badgett, distinguished scholar, the Williams Institute & Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    The Forum, sponsored by the Global Women’s Caucus Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative will be presented virtually on Zoom from 3pm-5pm CET. Forum attendees will be invited to join discussion breakout sessions with our panelists at the conclusion of their presentations. This event is open to all DA members, US elected officials, members of academia, and the global expat community. 

    You won’t want to miss this important exchange with champions of women’s issues.

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    Location Local Event Start Time
    Vancouver, Canada 6:00 AM
    Minneapolis, USA 8:00 AM
    Washington DC, USA 9:00 AM
    London, UK 2:00 PM
    Frankfurt, Germany 3:00 PM
    Nairobi, Kenya 4:00 PM
    Dubai, UAE 5:00 PM
    Bangkok, Thailand 8:00 PM
    Beijing, China 9:00 PM
    June 26, 2021 at 3pm
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