GA Voters: How to Return Your Senate Runoff Ballot.


We can elect Reverend Warnock again—with your help!

Important: Whether you voted in the 2022 Midterms or not, you can still vote in the GA Runoff if already registered in Georgia.

Details and your next steps:

If You HAVE NOT Voted in the Runoff Yet:


Find your original Runoff Ballot in your email.
Search for "Enhanced Ballot Email Generator" (from [email protected]).  


Or request a new Runoff Ballot here (sent to you by email). 

  1. By Nov. 15 (strongly recommended): Find your original Midterm Ballot in your email. This email also includes your Runoff Ballot.
  2. No later than Nov. 16: Return ballot via courier mail or mail forwarding service such as iShop&Mail, Mail Boxes, Etc. and so on. 
  3. If there are no mail forwarding services near you, you'll need to send by DHL or FedEx.
  4. After Nov. 16: You must use DHL or FedEx, elect the no-signature option.
  5. Call or email to confirm receipt and acceptance. See GA Contact Info below.


If you CANNOT find or receive your Runoff Ballot by Nov. 15:

  1. Vote here using the FVAP Federal Write-In Ballot (FWAB).  
  2. No later than Dec. 1: Print, sign and mail your Runoff Ballot only by DHL or FedEx, elect the no signature option.
  3. Call or email to confirm receipt and acceptance. See GA Contact Info below.

Important Notes:
Your FWAB will not be accepted if it's mailed in the U.S.
You can only return your GA Runoff Ballot by mail.
Embassy or consulate diplomatic pouch is not an option. 

ALREADY Voted in Runoff?

  1. Great! Now call or email to confirm your Ballot was received and accepted.
  2. See GA Contact Info below.

Georgia Runoff Contact Info

  1. Go to
  2. Then, scroll down to the Find Your Election Office section for contact info.
  3. Call or email your local election office.

Runoff Questions

Email [email protected]


Thank you for voting in the critical Georgia Runoff.
Let's clinch a real Democratic Party Senate Majority!