August 25, 2023

Voter Deadlines • Early 2024

Make sure you you can vote in all 2024 elections. 

Just Register and Request your Ballot NOW or by June 30, 2024 (at the latest). Even earlier is better!

This is our Strongly Recommended deadline--especially since you are voting from Mexico and some states require you to return your ballots by mail only (from Mexico!).

Here are selected State election dates. But you have to request and return ballots well before then--especially if your state requires you to mail back your ballot: 

Know what's coming up! 2024 elections are too important to miss. 


For Your State's Deadlines
To register, request and return your ballot and more details—
plus other state's election dates not shown above:



For a non-partisan guide to where candidates stand on issues and more, click here.