Benji Reade Malagueño, At-Large National Convention Delegate representing Senator Sanders

Hi! My name is Benji, and I'd be truly honored to represent Bernie's campaign at the DNC Convention. I'm from Santiago, Chile, and I'm a third-year Stanford University student studying environmental science. I've had the privilege to live in Argentina, Singapore, UAE, Oman, and Chile, an upbringing that has cultivated many of Democrats Abroad's global values, but one that has sometimes left me feeling alienated from American politics. That all changed with the 2020 primary. Bernie's ability to unite people through his grassroots movement—in addition to his constant fight for equality, the environment, and healthcare as a human right—captivated me, and I eagerly sought out a leadership position in my university's Students for Bernie group. Hundreds of hours of tabling, phonebanking, and canvassing in California and Chile gave me incredible opportunities to spread Bernie's message, and I'd be so grateful to continue doing so by representing Bernie at the convention.