Kaitlyn Min, Bernie Sanders Delegate Candidate

I’m an 18-year old from New York, currently attending the University of Toronto studying political science & history. Bernie Sanders is the reason that I got involved in politics because he represents a politics of compassion and empathy. He inspires me to fight for the issues that I care about: climate action, healthcare, and more. All these issues will be on the ballot in November which is why I got involved with Democrats Abroad. I hosted twice-weekly canvasses on my university campus to encourage students to vote in the Global Presidential Primary. I traveled to Ann Arbor to knock on hundreds of doors before the Michigan primary. I continue to dedicate my time phonebanking and textbanking with voters across America for down-ballot races. I believe in Bernie’s slogan of “Not Me, Us” and it is only through all of us working together that we can elect Trump out of office.