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  • Proud mom and dad of Lesbian Air Force Officer

    My daughter, Kayla, is a superstar! She was selected twice as company grade officer of the year, and she is promoting to Major this year. Kayla is stationed in Germany and met a beautiful German woman, Didi. They are now engaged. However, Kayla wants to get married before transferring back to the United States. She is afraid of the Supreme Court rescinding some of their decisions--especially on gay marriage. The LGBTQ community do not deserve to feel the burden of 'being different' societal or through our legal justice system. PASS THE EQUALITY ACT!! Doug and Diane Haven

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    Glass Ceilings

    We need the ERA to guarantee protection of women's rights because we are still underrepresented in the government, as well as many other fields that still have glass ceilings.  Germany resident / Arkansas voter

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  • Diane Haven, delegate for Joe Biden

    I am new to DA, but after reading the 2020 Platform Draft I am so excited to belong to this organization! I have extensive experience meeting with members of Congress as I was a national board member to an organization that met in Washington DC annually (WAND) to meet with legislators. I am also comfortable talking to the media and with all kinds of people. I currently phone bank for DA and will be sending out postcards. I am happy that VP Biden is choosing a woman for this running mate. I like his platform and I believe he will listen to Bernie supporters. I will be honored to represent DA in any way I can!

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