Winston Linn

Originally from a town of 700 people in Illinois, I was Home-schooled and done everything from being a Farm-Hand, Mechanic, Film-Editor, Project-Manager, and now Marketing-Manager at an international video game developer/publisher, based in Prague. I came abroad after 6.5 years in Chicago where I was vice-president of Ogilvy Advertising’s chapter for LGBT inclusion. While VP of this initiative, we worked to: support LGBT youth centres, foster a culture of acceptance, and provide the business with a insights and actionable criteria. Through our efforts I was proud to achieve a perfect score of 100 on the Corporate Equality Index, and named among the Best Places to Work for Equality. I’m passionate about the culture of, and the issues facing, the LGBT community and strive to dedicate my time and this a priority topic in my life. I sincerely ask for your support and vote to ensure this topic is heard.