Secretary, Zurich Chapter; Communications Team Leader, Switzerland

Hi! My name is Jenie Kechulius and I am the Secretary of the Zurich chapter of Democrats Abroad Switzerland. I am also the chair of the national Communications committee and a member of the national Engagement committee.

I grew up in a conservative household in a small, conservative town in Indiana, but I knew from a relatively young age that a lot of this ideology didn't sit well with me. However, it wasn't until the second time I was able to vote for President that I voted Democrat. Barack Obama inspired me to examine my personal political beliefs and to be brave enough to vote accordingly. Now there are so many progressive role models leading the way to a brighter and more diverse future for all Americans.

Three years into the last presidential administration, my husband was offered a permanent position here in Zurich. I knew if we were staying here long term I needed to find a way to take actions after feeling horrified every day, but also, as an expat, disconnected and unable to do much about American politics. I got the email that DA Switzerland was looking for new leadership and I knew this was the answer.

I look forward to getting to know the Democrats living in Zurich and around the country. I am passionate about voter rights and election reform, public education, universal healthcare, social justice, diversity and inclusion, criminal justice reform, gun control, immigration reform and climate action. I am excited to start planning and attending events around these issues and hope that you will join us at an event soon!

Democrats Abroad's upcoming events can be found here:

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When I am not passionately discussing politics with anyone who will listen, I am probably teaching or playing music. I am a freelance music teacher in Zurich and the surrounding areas. I teach family music classes for babies and toddlers and their grownups, as well as private and group piano, voice, clarinet and saxophone lessons for all ages. I spend my free time playing with my pug dog, Patti, reading, gardening, baking and hanging out with my husband, Kyle, who is a plant biologist at the Botanical Garden of UHZ.

If you'd like to chat, have an idea for an event, or want to get involved, you can reach me at [email protected].