Matthew Fellmeth, EMEA Delegate Candidate for V.P. Joe Biden (from Luxembourg)

I would be honored to represent Democrats Abroad at the DNC. Originally from Philadelphia, I've spent the last eight years living outside the U.S. During my time abroad, I've been inspired by governments around the world that work to uplift all their citizens. We need a president, like Joe Biden, who will fight for every American, and for the democratic ideals we all believe in – inclusion, humanity, and environmental responsibility. As a delegate, I will champion the Democrats Abroad platform: specifically, expansion of social welfare, healthcare, and international cooperation. At the DNC, I will work to build and strengthen our relationship within the party. I've joined a policy working group for the Biden Campaign, where I can contribute 10+ years of infrastructure experience to rebuilding America. This may be my first venture into political activism, but my goal is to be an active, long-term member of Democrats Abroad.