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    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Change in leadership and call for new Vice-Chair

    Democrats Abroad Spain is undergoing a change in leadership. After dedicating substantial time, energy and leadership to our organization, Daniel James has reluctantly made the difficult decision of resigning as Country Committee Chair in order to focus on urgent family health issues. DA Spain thanks Daniel for his extraordinary dedication and immense contributions to our democratic mission. Under our bylaws, former Vice-Chair Kathryn Tullos has succeeded Daniel James as Chair. She is fortunate to be serving alongside an incredibly talented and dedicated Executive Committee.

    The search is now on for a new Vice-Chair. Under our bylaws, in order to maintain gender parity, the new Vice-Chair must identify as male, nonbinary, intersex, or some other non-female designation because our Chair identifies as female. Candidates for the position must be members of DA Spain. The Chair appoints the new Vice-Chair, with the advice and consent of the Country Committee, at the upcoming Executive Committee meeting to be held on August 12. The newly-appointed Vice-Chair will serve out the remainder of this term (through early 2023). If you have an interest in this position or would like to nominate a candidate, please email [email protected].

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    DA Women's Caucus Lands in Spain

    DA Spain Women's Caucus says Hola!

    Twenty people attended the preliminary organizational meeting of the Democrats Abroad Spain Women’s Caucus on March 18. 

    The meeting opened with participants’ introductions and a presentation by Ann Hesse, Chair of the DA Global Women’s Caucus (GWC). Ann provided a quick history of the GWC and laid out its three pillars: Education; Community Building; and Activism, particularly in the form of get-out-the-vote efforts. Approximately 10,000 women currently belong to the GWC. Over 300 of those members live in Spain.

    Next up, moderator Andrea Host-Barth led the discussion, turning the focus to goals and organizational steps for a DA Spain Women’s Caucus. The Caucus intends to focus initially on providing education on environmental issues, and building community with small, local events. Members were encouraged to support the call-to-action initiatives already available on the GWC website. 

    The Caucus hopes to play two other roles as well. First, the Caucus can interact with the GWC, helping members in Spain and members of the worldwide group to share ideas and coordinate activities. Second, the DA Spain Women’s Caucus can serve as a template for creating Women’s Caucuses in other countries. 

    DA Spain’s Women’s Caucus is moving forward in its organizational process. The Caucus welcomes people of all genders as leaders, members, and volunteers. 

    Not already a caucus member? Simply join the GWC caucus and you automatically are a Spain member. To get involved, fill out the Volunteer Information Form

    Interested in starting your country women’s caucus? Send email to [email protected]

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    The History of Women's History Month

    Women’s History Month has its Own History
    By: Kathy Tullos

    The Month has its origins in Santa Rosa, California, where a County Task Force designated the week beginning March 8, 1978 as Women’s History Week. The Task Force selected the date because March 8 is International Women’s Day. Other communities quickly followed suit.

    By 1980 a consortium of women’s groups and historians formed the National Women’s History Project. The Project, which is now known as the National Women’s History Alliance, began to lobby at the federal level for designation of a national Women’s History Week. President Jimmy Carter responded by proclaiming March 2-8, 1980 as National Women’s History Week.

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