May 04, 2022

Become a VOTER PROMOTER and tell every American in Canada they can vote

Becoming a VOTER PROMOTER is the easiest entry-level volunteer job in DA.  YOU decide the amount of time and effort you will devote to this effort.  Tell your friends, co-workers, and book club buddies that all Americans can go to VOTE FROM ABROAD.ORG to vote absentee.  Tell your friends on social media the same thing.  By doing this, you will be spreading the word to the over 500,000 non-voting Americans here in Canada.


Now, more than ever before, EVERY VOTE COUNTS.  Many Federal, State, and local races have razor-thin margins, and just those few (well, we hope more than a few) more absentee ballots could make the difference between a Blue wave in the 2022 midterms or a loss that would allow the Republicans to take us back to a past where individual rights were practically non-existent. 

Quoting a message from the Global Women's Caucus -"This attack on reproductive rights rings a shrill warning bell. We need to be aware that all the hard-won legal victories to preserve basic rights and freedoms and to protect marginalized populations from racism, homophobia, sexual harassment are at risk. The 14th Amendment, the right to privacy, in our doctor’s office, our marriages, and our homes, is weakened by this decision. "

There is plenty of time before Nov 8, 2022, to make a difference.  Join me in becoming a VOTER PROMOTER.

Email me at  [email protected]  so that I can tell you about all the fun we can have spreading the word to Americans here in Canada.  I will send you stickers and business cards and join you on zoom to talk about our combined efforts to make a difference.

Randi Weitzner, DA Quebec Chapter Chair