Chair, Basel Chapter

I am a native Hoosier and I vote in New York where I last lived before moving to the UK, Basel, Dubai, and now back to Basel. As Chair for the Basel Chapter, I am excited to serve the team as we seek to create meaningful opportunities for active citizenship for our fellow Americans to come together (virtually and hopefully in person!) to celebrate what makes our citizenship unique. We will work to amplify our voices on key policies as far-ranging as climate, social justice, post-COVID economic considerations, taxes, and especially those topics where our unique vantage point as Americans abroad needs to be heard. I am also convinced that we have a unique opportunity to expand membership in the Democratic Party. Despite the historic Presidential outcome in 2020, I believe we have a significant effort ahead of us to make the most of the Biden/Harris Administration's opportunities and to demonstrate in the midterm elections that we can reverse the losses in the House and support the many important policy efforts that will be central to that critical referendum.

You can email me at [email protected].