Intl Women's Day Workshop: Challenge Stereotypes & Bias

For International Women’s Day, join us for an interactive workshop on challenging gender stereotypes and bias. This past year, women worldwide came forward about being victims of sexual harassment through the #MeToo movement. Now, let’s brainstorm ways we can change society to put an end to this mistreatment.

We’ll be exploring changes we can make immediately, as well as long-term. How can we influence gender in national policies? How can our words and actions now influence the younger generation to reduce gender bias? Join us in the discussion on how we can all take action to challenge gender stereotypes and bias!

REGISTRATION: The workshop is limited to 35 people. Please sign up here in advance:

March 10, 2018 at 2pm - 4pm
Wesley Center--Minami Aoyama
Aoyama 6 chome-10
Tokyo 107-0062
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Linda Gould · · +81463-84-1301
¥500 JPY

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